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I want some chickens!

Unfortunately, due to city ordinances, I can’t have chickens.  I don’t want a huge flock of chickens, mind you.  Maybe five or six at the most.  Just two to start with, then add a couple more in a year or two, so that the peak egg laying years are spread out among them.  As I’m sure, when they are past the egg laying prime of their chickie lives, I will NOT be able to eat them. I even researched which breeds were well suited to a small backyard flock, most docile, and easiest to handle, etc.  I even had names running through my head for them…Ruby, Maude, Mable, Darcy, Fancy….Yes, I realize chickens require some effort.  I know you don’t just throw them back there in a pen and be done with it.  I have a rabbit, and they require much of the same type attention.  Yes, sometimes it can be a pain or inconvenience, but I enjoy the caretaking responsibilities that come along with my animals.  It gives me a deep sense of satisfaction that I can’t really explain.  Like it feels a void or basic need in me.  I was hoping that maybe there were some minor restrictions, like no crowing roosters, or not over “x” amount.  Actually, I was told I could do it, but IF a neighbor complains, you have 24 hours to get rid of them.  I love fresh eggs, and have a local source I buy them from, but I thought it would be so enjoyable to have a small flock of my own.  I thought about approaching my neighbors to see if they would mind, and offering to bribe them with fresh eggs, but I guess I will just let it go, and dream of the day when I can find the perfect place to live, where I can have a few chickens of my own.  In the meantime, I don’t think Lulu cares for my attempt at disguising her as a Plymouth Rock hen  🙂


Enjoy your Saturday!

8 thoughts on “I want some chickens!

  1. LOL. I’m in the country and could have chickens. The guy across the road came home with about 10 a number of years ago. Much to his chagrin over half of them turned out to be roosters!! They spent most of their time visiting my yard and the bird feeders. Would even hop the fence into the enclosed part of the yard – which wasn’t smart as that’s where the dogs were. I actually saw one “walk on water” one day – the dog chased him from one end of the yard to the other – and the pool was in the way and that little guy was moving so fast he literally walked across the water (12 feet wide). Slowly the dogs that are allowed to run loose and the wild animals did them all in. The guy down the side road has gueania (sp?) hens. They are pretty interesting.


  2. In our neighborhood, animals are very restricted. Can’t even have an outdoor cat (wouldn’t want to hurt the golden throat warbler!) A few years ago, a man in the neightborhood had chickens – he received several letters from the management company, along with fines. The chickens left, but not long after, they were back. When asked about it, he said he was “keeping them for a friend”!!!
    Guess you will have to love your rabbit and Lulu a little bit more.


  3. I had my first two when I lived in London. Gertrude and Mertyl. I think as long as you keep them very clean so there’s no flies and without a cockeral none of your neighbours would even know you had them.
    Just make sure you know someone out of town so you can re-home them if necessary.


  4. Poor Lulu! I say ask you neighbors – what will it hurt? We live in the “country” sort of. We only have restrictions of a maximum of 2 cows. Some guinea hens ahosed up a few years ago and I enjoyed watching them. One by one the disappeared………we also have foxes.


  5. I am with Vicki, No does not hurt, trust me… Lulu looks so darn cute, I just want to snuggle up with her. Hope you are feeling well and I am loving your quilt finishings. Happy Holidays Randi


  6. I agree, ask! Or don’t ask, and be a subversive suburban chicken keeper. In my neighborhood we are allowed six or eight fowl, I forget which. I have four, and two of them are a bit noisy, but the barred rock and buff orpington never make a noise you could hear beyond my backyard. Even the loud ones are only temporarily squawky at times during the morning or afternoon egg-laying, certainly much less annoying than dogs barking at night or dawn. At any rate, this is my first flock and they’re lovely and cheerful to have around.

    Beautiful quilt pictures!


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