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Good Saturday

Let’s see…I did a minimal amount of housework this morning…then I started piddling around with some quilting projects.  I’ve been a project hopper today…hopping between three different projects.  I got some fabric washed and loaded for some pillow shams for my cousin, but somehow just couldn’t get in the mood to do the quilting.  Felt more like piecing.  I’ve gotten the first border added to the lighter version of my 9P & stripe quilts, and I’ve made really good progress on the log cabin blocks the last few days.  At least I will have some stash busting to report tomorrow.

Speaking of hopping…I wasted a lot of time today being distracted by these guys.  This is the little one…apparently these flower pot bottoms make perfect mini-ponds.  “Awwww…this is the life”, he says.

This is the BIG toad.

And the little one says, “Sure, go ahead…take a dip in my pond”.

And then we found this guy…look at those legs…this one can JUMP! Really far…He is about the same size as that big toad.  I guess he is some kind of frog…???

Hope your weekend is hopping along nicely, too!

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Blog, blog, blog…

First, thanks to those who sent comments of concern & encouragement.  I am feeling better.  Man, I sure do hate to waste a whole three day weekend, though.  But, this week on my lunch breaks, and after work, I’ve managed to do some sewing on Daddy’s log cabin quilt.  I’m likin’ it….

A little more fun from around the yard…look at this eenstie teenstie weentsie mushroom I found growing on my Russian Olive tree…there are several of these.

Some tiny insect eggs on the same tree.

Praying mantis egg, same tree

An older praying mantis egg.

Don’t know what this is…It looks like hair from the cat, but it looks as if something has formed it into this perfect little sphere.

I just love this old tree.  The bark is so beautiful…what great texture…and it’s full of all kinds of hidden little surprises when you take the time to look.

And a beautiful thunderstorm.


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Crash & Burn

First, on this Memorial Day holiday, I want to take a moment to share my appreciation for all the men & women, past & present, that serve or have served our country to give the rest of us the freedoms that we have.  Many have paid the ultimate price.  And to their families, for the sacrifices that they have to make.  We would have none of this were it not for you.  Thank you.  You have my undying respect and appreciation.

I know I promised to be back on track with my Sunday reporting this weekend.  Honestly, I am out of spoons this weekend.  It’s been a stressful couple of weeks around here, and it finally caught up with me.  My body said STOP! So I am not getting anything done this weekend that I had hoped. 

I’ll be back on track soon.


Quilty Goings On & Gardening Report

What a crazy week, but I’ve managed to steal a few moments for a quick blog.  I missed the Sunday report, but should be back on track with that this weekend.  I quilted a charity top for the local guild this past weekend.  It will go to a ranch in Colorado that is being used as a rehab type facility for wounded soldiers. 

I have started another quilt top…this one for my Dad.  It will be a queen size…..drum roll please….log cabin.  Yes, another log cabin.  I don’t know if I will ever get tired of log cabin quilts.  Every one is so different from the last.

There are now four tiny eggs in the swallow nest, above my front door.  I have to stick a mirror up there to even see into the nest.  My patio tomatoes are looking good.

My little grape tomatoes are doing well, also, and even sporting some tiny fruits.

Cherry tomatoes…these were really sickly looking, and I gave them some Miracle Grow, and they perked right up.  They were even mostly yellowing, and now nice & green.

A couple caterpillars on my parsley.  These are the cats that turn into swallowtail butterflies.

My other garden space, which looks like it’s mostly mud & bindweed right now, but if you look close, you’ll see my Mucho Nacho jalepeno plants.  I hope these guys give me a good crop this year. 

And two more cherry tomatoes.

I planted some sweet corn in there, too, and am hoping to see it popping up soon.  This weekend, I will have to pull more bindweed.  Hate that stuff.

My dill & parsley is all doing well.  I plant both of these mainly for the caterpillars. 🙂

And my cilantro is up & growing great, as always.

I planted some small zinnias in the pot with my celosia and it is popping up.

These are another variety of iris, from my backyard.

And a couple pics of my sweet Libby girl, enjoying a nice day in the grass.  She & I have been walking together, as we both need to shed those extra pounds.

Well, not the most interesting post, but I figure it’s better than coming to visit and seeing the same thing you’ve seen since Saturday…lol.  Hope the rest of your week is wonderful.


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A Week of Ups & Downs

First the ups…I posted about my Mother’s Day gift certificate from my son.  My DH also gave me a card with a bit of cash tucked inside, and told me to have fun spending it.  Oh, and the card whistles when you open it.  My purchase arrived yesterday.  I am starting to mull over quilting ideas for my Storm at Sea top, and my selection of Rainbows thread is seriously lacking…almost nonexisant.  It now has a bit more variety. 🙂

Sunday evening, my youngest stepdaughter called to wish me happy Mother’s Day.  That was a very nice and most welcome surprise.

Monday, a card arrived from my oldest stepdaughter and her family.  This card sings Tina Turner’s “You’re Simply the Best”.  That brought a smile to my heart.  And today, DS surprised me with some flowers, which I would have thought had something to do with him getting in trouble over his grades this week, (one of the downs of the week)  except he had it planned before that happened, and my husband could vouch for that.

Another up, was that I finished the commissioned quilt I’ve been working on, and my customers were very happy.  No pics, it’s a graduation surprise for the recipient.

Another downer is that I have to make another trip for that criminal trial, and it’s next week.  It’s bad timing, as I already had a full load on my plate next week, but I’m also ready to get it over with.  So, added to the other stuff I had going on next week, means that I will be on the road, traveling somewhere, everyday next week, except for Tuesday.  I’m ready for it to be next Saturday already.  Then it will be in my rearview mirror. 

I saw my massage therapist today.  She usually doesn’t work on Saturday, but she had to rearrange her schedule this week.  She is wonderful, and I really feel better after a session. 

The NASCAR Allstar race is now on, and already two cautions.  Guess I’ll close this up and go watch!

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Happy Mother’s Day & Sunday Reporting

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms reading.  Hope your day is wonderful.  I enjoyed celebrating with my Mom & family yesterday.  DS (with some help from my Mom) gave me a gift certificate to Sand’s Fabrics in Pampa, one of my favorite shops.  Everyone there is so nice.  I did not buy any fabric with my certificate, but another Eleanor book I have been wanting.  And, I bought myself one of the Fons & Porter marking pencils.  I tested it on a scrap last night and I think I am really gonna like this marking pencil.

I quilted up four more yards of fleece fabric this week, so that moves out of my stash! Yippee!  I have several more yards of fleece in my fabric closet and it takes up a lot of space.

I share some flowers from my front yard with you for Mother’s Day!

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Just Popping In For Minute

Not much time for a substantial blog today.  Thanks for all the good thoughts  about my trip.  I will say it wasn’t a pleasant trip, and it was a huge waste of time.  The hotel the DA’s office recommended was, let’s just say, a little “rough”.  Glad my husband went with me.  And glad there was a Family Dollar store still open so we could purchase a couple of clean blankets to sleep under.  The criminal defendant that I was testifying against, did not even show up.  Yea.  Very aggravating.  Probably means I’ll be making the trip all over again in the near future.  Damn.  If I do, I will not stay there again, but will stop in Lubbock, which is only a little over an hour from there, and just get up earlier so I can get to court on time. 

And have you all noticed the new little avatars that WordPress is using for those that don’t have their own avatars?  They look like quilt blocks! How cool is that?! 

I think today my family and I will go to Pampa and spend the day with my parents.  We will celebrate Mother’s Day a day early.  Have a great Saturday!

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On a Fleece Roll

My customer picked up her state flower quilt yesterday and loved it.  She hugged me three times, she was so happy.  Which of course, made me so happy, too! 

I finished up another fleece today, except for the “fringing”.  Still need to do that part.  This one is a thank you gift for a local business man that did a very nice thing for my son & the rest of the high school golf team.  It’s one of those times where “thank you” just doesn’t seem quite enough, but what do you do for a man who has everything?  So, I thought he might like a snuggly fleece blanket made by me…a gift from the heart.  I laid it out on the grass in the backyard, in the sunshine, trying to capture the true color of it, but, the pictures do not show the true color…it’s a deep chocolate brown. 

Ready for more birds? I worked hard yesterday to get these to share with you.  My swallows are back to nest above my front door again.  It gets a little messy, but I don’t have it in me to run them off.  Besides, they eat lots of pesky skeeters.  Enjoy the show!

And while I was sitting below in my lawn chair looking up, I spied this under the edge of the shingles.  I had to share it for Jan 🙂  Praying mantis egg.

I have a stressful week ahead due to my day job.  Think lots of good thoughts for me.  It involves having to testify in a court hearing, in a county over five hours from here.  I keep praying I won’t have to go, but I don’t see that happening…so you prolly won’t hear much more from me til later this week. 


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Sunday Wrap Up

I did not buy any new fabric. 🙂  I used four yard of fleece fabric to make a wedding gift for a special young woman that is getting married this month.  I hope she likes it.  I still have to trim and fringe the edges.  I noticed that in her selections, she had some purple glasses, and there was some green on her dishes.  So I used a deep purple fleece with a seafoam green.  Not exactly the same green, but it was the closest I could get with my fleece.  The color does not show true at all in this photo.

The purple side:

So (I suppose I can include fleece fabric yardage used in my totals), that moves 4 more yards of fabric from my stash, bringing my year to date totals to:

  • In: 66 yds.
  • Out: 28.25 yds.
  • YTD: 37.75 yds.

Now, before you think I’ve been soooo good…I bought about $200.00 worth of thread, and $60.00 worth of stencils. 

I’ve been enjoying Vicki W.’s birdwatch updates on her blog, so I’m going to share a little birdwatching of my own with you today.  Earlier this week I caught a glimpse of this pheasant rooster in the field behind my house.  About the time I’d go to take a good pic, he’d duck back down in the grass. 

This morning, as DH & I were standing in the front of our garage, watching the swallows that are rebuiling on our front entryway, and the cute little finches at our birdfeeder, we were surprised by this treat.  DH ran into get my camera for me, and I was only able to get this one pic before he left.  I do believe it’s a Baltimore Oriole.  Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.  When the sun was hitting him and we could get a good look, before we had the camera of course, his underside was a  bright orange.  I believe it’s more common to see the Scott’s Oriole here.  This little guy was gorgeous.


I realized this morning that I’ve been lax on the Sunday weigh-in, so I bit the bullet and got back on the scale.  I did workout twice this week, but I’ve been not so good til then, and have gained 2 lbs. back.  I started at 154, and now I’m 145, so I’m at a total loss of 9 lbs.  Got to get back on track with that!


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A Friday Finish (almost)

I finished the quilting on the vintage top I’ve been working on…or so I thought.  I am not frogging the crosshatching, except for the state of Maine.  When I was reviewing the pics, I noticed the crosshatching on it was way off.  Then, I noticed that I failed to finish one of the flowers! It’s located by the state of Georgia…so I’ll be pinning it back on to finish that up and restitch the crosshatching on Maine.  Glad I noticed those before I called my customer to come pick it up! 

A bit of the back:

This is a little goodie I bought myself today.  I saw it and just couldn’t resist.  Maybe one of these days, I will do what it says!  Be sure to click on these pics to make them bigger and get a good look at it.