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Wednesday WIP and Just Us Quilters Blog – Help!

Ok, the Just Us Quilters blog is back up, but for the life of me, I cannot get the image link back in my sidebar.  I’ve searched the WordPress tutorials, asked Niki, and read the instructions another member left in the comments over there, but I can’t get anything to work with my WordPress widgets.  Can anyone tell me how to get the little picture with the link back over there in my sidebar?  Pretty please!

Ok, Suzanne has started a Wednesday WIP forum on MQR.  So, my WIP’s for the week included:

Completion of the memorial quilt for the Martinez family.  They loved it! 

I longarm quilted three OSU lap quilts, and one OSU baby quilt for a customer.

I made my Auntie’s pillow cases.

I’ve also been finishing up the handstitching on my Storm At Sea.  I have the binding and sleeve done, and have only the label to finish.  So, what have you been up to this week?

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Thank you, Vicki!

I’ve been wanting to try out Vicki’s pillowcase tutorial for awhile now, and I finally got around to it.  Awesome.

I needed them to be kingsized, so I just adjusted the size of the body.  My aunt wanted some pillowcases to go with the quilt my Mom & I gave her a couple of years ago.  I still had some of the fabrics left in my stash that were in her quilt.  I started on these during my lunch break today, and finished them up after work.  Easy-peasy.  Vicki has lots of cool stuff on her blog.  If you’ve not visited her before, fix yourself a cup of tea or other beverage of your choice, and plan on staying awhile. 🙂


Stash Report, 10-26-08

  • Incoming Yardage to date: 84
  • Outgoing Yardage to date:  109& 2/3 yds.
  • Total Stash Busted to date: 25 & 2/3 yds.

Zero new fabric in this week. 1/4 yard out.  I’ve been busy, busy, busy.  I’ve gotten three lap quilts quilted for a customer, I added the inner small gold border to my 9P & stripe quilt, and I finished the hand stitching of the labels on the memorial quilt last night.  Along with just the day to day stuff that goes on around here…lol.  Hopefully, I’ll have a more interesting post soon.

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Sunday Reporting, 10-19-08

My stash hasn’t changed a bit, either in or out.  I did pull fabrics from it for the guild mystery quilt, but I’m not counting that til I actually start on it.  I have been working on some projects, though.  I quilted one customer lap quilt, and have another ready to start.  My parents came for a visit Saturday, so Friday afternoon was spent cleaning, and getting ready.  I really enjoyed our time together Saturday.  I demo’d my embroidery machine for Mom, by working on the label for my Dad’s log cabin quilt.  Then, after they left, I just had some play time with it.  I got these Christmas ornament patterns, at the shop where my machine came from.  They are an OESD Christmas promo.  You spend $60.00 shopping, and you get the patterns for free.  This is the one I made last night.  I used a red that had been prewashed, but after wetting it to get the stabilizer out, and leaving it overnight to dry, the red still bled through the white stitching, turning it pink around the edge of the applique.  And, I don’t think I had my tension set quite right on this one.

Today, as I was making a label for the back of my Storm At Sea quilt, I thought that a scrap of that fabric might make a neat ornament, so I played with a different color theme.

The ornament is still wet, from rinsing out the stabilizer, but when it’s dry, it will be the same color as the label it is laying beside.  Also in the pic, is the label for Daddy’s quilt.  I still need to trim it up.

I like the way the ornament came out, in the golden color, with a bit of silver metallic thread for some sparkle.  I will add some crystals for further embellishment.  I think I’ll be making some more of these.  It was fun!

I also jazzed up one of my DH’s fishing shirts, by adding a couple of embroidered designs to it.  He loves it!  I was so proud of myself for getting them on so straight, and even symmetrical with each other!

And, I got the labels for the commissioned memorial quilt ready to stitch.

All in all, I had a really nice weekend.  Just too short, as usual.  Hope yours was great, too!  I’m off to soak in the new infinity pool hot tub now!

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LOL At Us!

I think infinity pools are really cool…however, this is not the way to try to get one…

OOPS!  Someone forgot to check on how fast the tub was filling.

And even as we are progressing into the fall season, new life is appearing in our backyard.  Lots of these little guys.

I was surprised to see them this late in the year.  Aren’t they cute?  I hope they find enough to eat before they burrow in to hibernate.  And hopefully, I will see some of them again in the spring.

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Starting My First Mystery Quilt

I went to the guild meeting last night and we rec’d the fabric instructions for this year’s mystery quilt.  I have never done a mystery quilt before.  I really want to participate in as many of the guild projects as I can, so I’m going to try to do this, and see if I can keep up.  Besides, it’s a great way to bust some stash.  This is one of those times that I am thankful for my stash.  I was able to go to my quilt room, in my jammies, and “shop” for the required fabrics for the quilt.  These are my choices.

The first one, the pale green, will be the background.  The floral print will be the main fabric, with the remaining two being the accent fabrics.  I like them together like this…whether or not they will be successful for the pattern, I suppose only time will tell.  They are going to send out the cutting instructions in our next newsletter.  I’m anxious to see what they are.  I will post progress reports, so you can see the mystery unfold, along with me.  I love being able to use my stash like this, and this is precisely why I have one.  Instant gratification when I want to start a project.  No waiting til I can make a trip to the nearest fabric shop, which is about an hour away.  And no waiting for an internet order to show up.  I had everything I needed, right under my roof, and even options for different color schemes.  Yes, having a stash is good thing!  🙂


Look What I Got to See Again Today

It’s been over 20 years since I last saw this portrait. http://www.marlinadamsart.com/portrait4.html

I think the colors are actually prettier in person, than in the photo.  It doesn’t really have that yellowish color in real life. When I was in college, Mr. Adams, the artist, taught art there.  One day, he asked me if I would sit for a portrait for him, and he offered to pay me for my time, in money or a small portrait.  Even in my youth, I was smart enough to tell him I wanted the small portrait.  I gave it to my parents as a gift.  This is a photo I took of it.

One day not too long ago, when I was visiting my parents, my mother made the comment that she wished they had bought the large one years ago, when they went to one of Marlin’s shows, but at the time, they just didn’t feel they could afford it.  I told her it might still be available to purchase, and I could email Marlin, who is now in Georgia, to inquire.  Mom & Dad both said they would like that.  So, I did email him, and he answered, and long story short, it is now at home with my Mom & Dad.  I can’t tell you how happy I am that they bought it.  I’ve often thought about it, and wondered where “I” would eventually end up.  Now, “I’m” home.  It was an honor to be asked to sit for Mr. Adams.  Thank you, Marlin.

Mr. Marlin Adams is an amazingly talented artist.  I love his still lifes and landscapes.  Treat yourself to a visit to his online gallery.    http://www.marlinadamsart.com/

I got to go to my embroidery machine class today, in Amarillo.  I learned a few things, and of course, bought a few things…lol.  Hope you are having a great weekend!

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Sunday Stash Report, 10-5-08

  • 0 yards in this week
  • 4 yards out this week

YTD totals

  • Incoming Yardage to date: 84
  • Outgoing Yardage to date:  109& 5/12yds
  • Total Stash Busted to date: 25 & 5/12 yds

The four yards busted this week was fleece for this navy/tan fleece blanket for a customer.

I’ll probably rather quiet til my living room painting job gets finished, and I can get things back in order.  It’s chaotic in here right now.  The painter was making good progress.  He put kilz on the two larger walls yesterday, and got started cutting in with the paint today.  Then we noticed a problem.  I had three cans of paint in the garage.  One partial can that was left from the top half of the entryway, which is textured wall, and a lighter color than I am painting the paneling, which is in the living room and the bottom half of the entryway.  We also had a partial can of the color for the paneling, and a full can of that color.  DH picked up the partial can and says “is this the paint, honey?”  I said it was, without looking closely, as I picked up the full can, and said “this is the full can that goes with it”.  I had forgotten that the other partial can of the lighter color was sitting in the same vicinity as the other two cans.  You know where this going don’t you?  Yep, he had almost all the cutting in done when we realized what had happened.  I managed to only say OH CRAP, OH CRAP out loud, though what was going on in my head was much worse. So work halted for today while the wrong color dries, and he went to watch the Dallas Cowboys football game.  The guy painting works for my husband at our glass shop, but he used to work for a painter, and does painting jobs on the side.  He & DH are gonna work on it tomorrow afternoon.  It could’ve been worse.  🙂