Is It Gonna Work? Already Updated!!


OMGosh! The video worked! Woohoo…I’m excited! 🙂

Yeah, I’m a dork, but I don’t even care!

19 thoughts on “Is It Gonna Work? Already Updated!!

  1. Yes – what is it? I know you will do it justice if anyone can. Love the new video addition to your blog – looking forward to more!


  2. OMG, youre even MORE adorable in video with a voice.

    Have you figured out how to use the casserole carrier? Turn the apple one upside down. Put casserole in middle. Fold in the floppy sided apples. Then fold in the other 2 sides. I think I see built in “handles” too?

    Cute project Randi.



  3. How cool to finally hear your voice! Great quilting but I’m wondering why someone would have something so small quilted. Can’t wait for frog videos but please no snake videos!


  4. Randi, You did a great job. I definitely like the quilted one better. I now have something to look forward to after a long winter…spring and frog videos. Bring ’em on!


  5. awesome to hear your voice Randi!! and I think your quilting really added to the casserole carrier, I didn’t know people still made those.


  6. Wow, Randi, I don’t think I would have attempted that on the longarm – you’re a better woman than I am! Looks great.

    Now that I’ve heard you voice and all those “y’all”s, I’ll never ask if you’re in Iowa again! LOL



  7. You did very well………they would be daunting to quilt and try to have it looking flat. The quilting looks great.
    I will leave the toads and frogs for the princesses.


  8. Was surfing your blog (which I love, by the way) and came across your videos here. Your pretty voice matches pretty you!


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