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Sunday Stashing


  • Incoming Yardage to date: 52 yds.
  • Outgoing Yardage to date:  48.25 yds.
  • Total Stash Busted to date: – 3.75 yds.

I don’t have the last 8 star blocks sewn together yet, for the Gracie’s Star, but I do have the pieces all cut out, so I’m going to mark that fabric as busted.  12.5 yds out this week.  I still haven’t decided if they are going together in the original pattern, or if I will separate them into two different quilts.  We’ll see.  I was hoping to make more quilting progress on my 9P & stripe quilt, and, had I not screwed up on the swag quilting, I would have.  Somehow, I got off center with it, and didn’t catch it til I had almost the whole border of it stitched.  I got to the right bottom corner and I was not ending in the right position.  And way too much off to fudge a bit.  So, any significant time spent on that this weekend was frogging.  Yuk.  But I got it done, and now I can get back to quilting, when I can find some more time.  Today, I did pieced four more Gracie’s blocks, and put together a block from the final instructions for the mystery quilt I’m making.  Hmmm…I’m not in love with it, but oh well.  Not sure what I’ll end up doing with these blocks, either.


I’m still trying to knit a sweater, too.  I’m really anxious to try my hand at socks, but no better than I seem to be doing at a basic stockinette stitch sweater, I should probably hold off a bit.

In the meantime, if you like knitting, then stop by Maria’s blog.  You will be in for a treat.  Click on her finished projects tabs at the top of the page.  And don’t worry, there’s some pretty quilting eye candy in there, too.


Travel “Tails”

I figured I should at least pop in here and let y’all know I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth.  I apologize for lack of blogging lately.  I wouldn’t, except that I belong to a couple of blog rings and you are supposed to post at least weekly.  I knew this summer was going to be hectic for me, I just didn’t realize quite how much.  We traveled to Lubbock this past weekend, to go with my son to an AJGA golf tournament.  We have three more big golf trips between now and this time in August.  That’s a lot of traveling in a short period of time.  But, I don’t want to look back on this time and regret not doing this.  My son is heading into his senior year of high school and I intend to make the most of his last year at home.  Plus, he would really like to play college golf somewhere, and these tournaments are good to have on his resume.

I thought I’d amuse you with what happened to me on our trip to Lubbock.  We have two very spoiled canines.  So I book our reservations at pet friendly hotels.  I looked on the internet for pet friendly hotels in Lubbock, and then started calling for reservations.  I called, rather than booked online to avoid any unpleasant surprises.  And, the first hotel I called that was listed as pet friendly, no longer was, as of about a year ago.  So, I end up booking a non-smoking room at a Best Western, that looked nice enough in the photos.  I told them I was bringing two dogs.  No problem.  Ya right.  We get there Saturday.  I’m checking us in, and mention the dogs again.  This time I’m talking to a man, who I assume was actually an owner/manager person.  First, he takes my room key cards back, and says he will have to move us down the hall to a different room since we have dogs with us.  Then I sign the “rule” sheet, which states that the dogs cannot be left in the room unattended.  ??????????  “Not even in their kennels?”, I ask.  He is shaking his head no and saying “they must not bark”.  Well, that would have been a nice detail to know BEFORE I booked here.  So, we all get settled into the room, trying to figure out our next move.  I got out the laptop, and started searching hotels again.  Found a Marriott TownPlace Suites.  Call them.  Ask if you are allowed to leave your dogs in the room while you go do other things, you know, like eat.  “Oh yes, of course”, was the reply.  Ok, so do you have anything available like right now?  They didn’t have anything for Saturday night, but could accomodate the rest of our stay.  Yay!  And thankfully so, because on top of the dog dilemma, our “non-smoking” room kept filling up with gross cigarette smoke all through the night.  I could not wait to get out of that stupid Best Western the next morning.  My son and husband had a tee time for a practice round at the course at 10:40 Sunday morning.  The check-in time for our new room was 3:00, but they told me they could most likely get me checked in early, just call them at noon and see if they had a room ready.  I figured “the girls” and I could make it ok til noon.  Now, let me also tell you that I am not a navigator type person.  I get turned around, lost, etc.  Hate driving around in larger cities.  Especially alone.  But, I had no choice.  My husband offered to stay with me, and leave Derek at the course, but I insisted that he go play, too.  I assured them we would be fine.  I had my Garmin Nuvi (which I call Dumb-Dumb because sometimes she gives silly directions).  We drop “the boys” off at the course about 9:30 so they can hit range balls, etc., and, long story short, the girls  and  I end up having to drive around Lubbock for 4.5 hours.  We drove, we would go to the hotel parking lot and get them out to walk in the pet walking area.  I had a container of water for them, so I’d give them a drink.  We would go drive some more.  It was almost 100 degrees outside that day, so I couldn’t even run into a shop for a few minutes, with them in the car.  I took my husband’s set of keys with me, so that if I needed to run in and pee somewhere, I could leave the Tahoe running with Libs & Lu locked safely inside, with the motor running, keeping them nice and cool.  At 12:00, we go to the hotel to check on the room.  The people that were in “our” room, didn’t check out til right at noon, so they were not able to check me in til 2:00.  After learning that it would be two more hours, I looked up Petsmart on Dumb Dumb, and headed there.  I killed about an hour of time, with Libby on her leash and Lulu in the basket, just going up and down the ailes at Petsmart.  Then back to the hotel for another walk & drink, then out to a Sonic for a drink for me.  Finally, it was time to try our room again, and yay! It was ready.  And it was nice.  A lovely suite with two bedrooms.  And no stinky cigarette smoke blowing in from anywhere.  We made it! But what a day.  They were such good girls, though.  And I discovered that I can navigate myself around in Lubbock quite well.  Good to know. 🙂

So, all the rest of our summer travel reservations are at pet friendly Marriott hotels.  Thank you, Marriott.

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Sunday Reporting, 6-7-09

This past week has sure been a busy one! I was very busy at my day job last week, so I didn’t get a lot done on my quilting projects last week.  I did get some more sewing in on my sawtooth star blocks, during my lunch hours.  And since I’m not sure how I’m going to use them, I th0ught I better make sure I had some border fabrics on hand, just in case, you know. 🙂

That means my stash report is all about fabric coming in this week.  And it felt good! 14 yummy yards to fondle and fold.


YTD numbers:

  • Incoming Yardage to date: 52 yds.
  • Outgoing Yardage to date:  35.75 yds.
  • Total Stash Busted to date: – 16.25 yds.

Yeah, I’m going the wrong way.  Oh darn.

I have picked my knitting back up, for something to do when I’m just chillin’, watching TV and relaxing.  Or when it’s nice out and I want to sit in the yard under my shade trees.  However, I don’t think I’m ever going to graduate from knitting kindergarten.  Oh man, I seem to take out more knitting stitches than quilting stitches.  I make so many mistakes.  And I’m only doing a stockinette stitch.  I started this sweater completely over several times.  Hopefully, I’ll make it to the finish! And it will actually be wearable.

000_9055 (Large)

I bought some other quilty goodies this week. Connecting threads had a 30% off notions sale, and I have been wanting to try Clover yo-yo makers, so I got one of every size.


I’m a little too busy to be making yo-yos right now, though, so don’t expect to be seeing any soon.  I also got this cool stencil from Full Line Stencil.

000_9027 (Large)

They are made of a mesh like material.  000_9029

Even though I’m not using it on my 9P & Stripe, I tested it out on it, just to see how it works.  I like it!


And here is where some of my time has gone! Every minute worth it!  The first two pics are after the NTPGA junior tournament here in Perryton.  1st place with a four under par of 68!



And a first place in his age division at the Jim Hitch Memorial tournament in Guymon, OK.


I have gotten some more, though very little, quilting done on my 9P & stripe, but it’s just more of what you’ve already seen.  So I’ll save posting more pics til the end.

Have a great week, and remember to spend some time doing something you love,  and hopefully spend some quality time with someone you love!

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Thankful Tuesday and Early Wednesday WIP

I know it’s usually thankful Thursday, but I’m going early this week on some things.  My Dad is doing much better.  Everything seems to be resolving and doesn’t look like anything too serious is going on with him.  Yay!  My husband had some tests a week ago Friday, one involving what the doctor suspected was another cancerous mole.  But it wasn’t! Yay! And while he was having that biopsied, he also had the blood test that screens for prostate cancer, and that came back normal, also.  Yay!

And I’m thankful for all my blogging friends that sent prayers and kind thoughts.  And thank you all for the encouragement you’ve given about my 9P & stripe! So many sweet comments.  I appreciate them all!

I’ve been doing a bit of piecing on my star blocks again, but I don’t think they are going to end up in the pattern that was intended.  I love the blocks, I love the fabrics, I’m just not loving them together.  So, I think this project is going to go a different direction, which will require a bit of extra thinking on my part…lol.  I think that it’s the orange fabrics not going with the reds…maybe.  At least not when they are butted next to each other, like the pattern.


When I pull out the orange ones, I like it better.


And the oranges  aren’t bad on their own.


But I’m still not really feeling it.   Maybe it’s a value thing…I’m not really sure why I don’t like it, it just doesn’t seem to be working.  But I know these block have the potential to be an awesome quilt, or maybe more than one quilt.

So, I looked closely at the fabrics, and notice that several share a similar green accent color, that happens to be very close the color of this bolt I bought to use for backing fabric.  And I wondered, what if I set them on point, and used this green for setting blocks and triangles?


Or, sashing and setting triangles,  with the blocks on point, which I think is my favorite.


Even like this, I don’t think the polka dots and oranges go with the rest, and will figure out a way to put them together, on their own.  What do you think? Am I on a better track with this?