Month: February 2009

Wednesday WIP, 2-25-09

Still working on Spiderman.  What I thought was going to be “light custom” is taking me much longer than I expected.  This is part of the longarm learning curve I am still trying to get around, determining what quilting goes in which pricing level.  This one is much more time consuming than I had envisioned it.  But live and learn.  I find these kind of quilts quite challenging to begin with, and I just hope my customer likes how I have decided to quilt it.  I am quilting word related to Spiderman, and the child’s name in the outer borders, along with some spiders, and then just an angular meander around that.



I am putting four spider webs, in the four corners of the inner borders, treating them as one, then doing the same angular meander in between the webs.  For the very inner blue border, I just did a good old puzzle meander in the red thread.



I decided to do a bit of outlining on Spiderman, and will quilt on the webs behind him, in the center panel.  I still have some outlining to finish, and I think I will connect the spiders with a wave black line.



Yeah…”light” custom….well, I’ll know better next time…lol.  If it has Dorothy and her little dog on it, or cartoon characters, etc., unless doing a pantograph allover, it’s full custom. 🙂

Stash Report and Thanks to the Princess

The stash report remains unchanged for the 2nd week in a row.  All my quilting efforts recently are customer quilting related.  Hopefully, I will have Spiderman finished soon, and will post some pics of  him when I’m done.

Today, I want to give a shout out to my friend, Princess, and thank her for teaching me how to make popcorn in the microwave, using regular popcorn and paper sacks.  Awesome!  (If you click on the link “Princess”, it will take you straight to her instructions for making the popcorn.)


I put a smidge too much butter and salt on this batch, but it was my first try, so I will do better next time.  Other than that, it worked great, and the bites that did not have too much butter and salt were delicious! I have some butter flavored popcorn oil, and I’m wondering what would happen if I put a little of that on the kernels prior to popping.  I may try that next time, also, and if it works, maybe I can just put salt on it, and no melted butter.  I’ll let you know how that works.

Ankle Fusion Anyone?

Well, after years of suffering with a bad ankle that is getting progressively worse, it looks like my husband may be facing an ankle fusion.  I’ve been quite preoccupied with this worry recently, and it’s part of my lack of blog postings.  Nothing I read about it looks like fun.  But he can’t keep on like he is, as it’s getting almost impossible for him to even get around on it. He is at the doctors in Amarillo today, while I am here looking up scary things on the internet.  Access to lots of information can be a good thing, and a bad thing.  But I tend to want to read it all, or hear it all, so, if anyone has any personal ankle fusion experience they would like to share with me, either publicly or privately, I’d be interested to hear it.  If you want to share, but prefer to keep it private, just post a comment asking me to contact you back, and I will respond to your comment via email.  From what I’ve read, I understand recovery is quite lengthy.  I’m trying to convince him, though, that if it will result in easing the tremendous, life sucking amount of pain he is currently in, that it will be worth it in the long run.  And that’s all I have for today.

Just Catching Up A Little

I hope everyone had a good weekend! I was going to do a Valentine’s Day post, and just never got around to it.  I also didn’t get around to my stash report yesterday, but it’s unchanged from last week, so no biggie there.  Thanks to everyone who participated in my thread discussion.  I enjoyed reading the comments.  I spent most of Valentine’s Day working on a customer quilt and/or playing with my new IPOD Touch, that my sweetheart gave me for Valentine’s.  My son gave me some candy and an ITunes gift card.  He helped me get it set up, and we went through his song library and transferred what I wanted from his list, and then he taught me how to get my own music.  There are times when it’s really helpful to have a teenager in the house. 🙂

The customer quilt is a rather challenging one for me, as it’s completely outside of my tastes, but perfect for the youngster who will be ending up with it.  Say hello to Spiderman.


My customer wants “light custom” that includes some spiderwebs. Cross your fingers for me that my interpretation of that meets her expectations.

Of course, yesterday was the Daytona 500, so I watched that.  It’s always kind of a let down when those races that you expect to have an exciting finish, end under a red flag due to rain.  Congratulations to Matt Kenseth.  At least it wasn’t Kyle Busch one of the drivers that I can’t stand that won. 🙂

My son made a new discovery this week that tickled us both.  Starburst came out with FaveReds.  A bag of all the yummy “red” flavors, with none of the yucky ones in there.


Hope you have a good week ahead! I need to go spend some quality time with Spiderman.

Thread Tales

Oh boy, oh boy, ohhhhh boy…



Ohhhh, So Fine, so pretty!

My blog has been kind of boring lately.  I am still battling sinus headaches, and just feeling completely drained lately.  So, I thought I might liven things up by inviting you to participate in a thread discussion with me.  All of the above thread is So Fine, a beautiful polyester thread from Superior Threads.  I love this thread.  It comes is so many beautiful colors, and is perfect for that quilting where you need a thinner thread.  One example would be motifs that require a lot of backtracking.  With a thinner thread, the thread buildup is not as noticeable.  So what are we discussing?  What are your favorite threads and why? Are you a cotton purist? Or do believe the more kinds of thread the better? Do you love lots of color, or prefer muted, neutral colors for quilting thread?  I have some customers that don’t care what type thread I use on their quilts, and some that want cotton only.  I love Signature cotton and King Tut cotton.  There are some quilts that I much prefer to use my Signature cotton, as I want the stitching to really show up.  I like prominent quilting stitches in many of my quilts.  The poly’s seem to have many more color options.  I know some people worry about using poly threads on cotton fabrics.  I have read, and been told, that this is true for your piecing, where the fabric and thread rub together in the seam, but that it’s not an issue for the quilting thread.  I don’t worry about this too much in my own quilts, as I figure they will all outlast me, at the very least.  How do you feel about it?  Are most machine embroidery threads poly?  I know the ones I have are poly.  I’m not going anywhere with this.  Just thought it might be an interesting topic and would love to hear any thoughts you may want to share about thread.  The floor is now open for discussion! 🙂

(BTW, Superior Thread is having a Valentine’s drawing for a $50.00 gift certificate–check it out on Mother Superior’s blog!)

Stash Quilting Report, 2-8-09

I used 2.75 yds adding the borders to my 2nd 9P & stripe quilt.  I had zero yards come in.

  • Incoming Yardage to date: 0 yds.
  • Outgoing Yardage to date:  20.5 yds.
  • Total Stash Busted to date: 20.5 yds.

This will be the next top of my own to go on the longarm.  I have some customer work coming this week, that will go first, however. I think I am seeing some crosshatching & some feather.  Not sure what else.  What do you think?  I even toyed with the idea of just doing a panto on this one, but I think I’ll stick with custom.  I intend to use this quilt in our bedroom, as our fall quilt.000_8157

Thanks Mom & Dad

The item Greg & I purchased with our Christmas money finally arrived yesterday.  It’s a linen cupboard I ordered from Plow & Hearth. Finally, someplace to display and store our quilts.  It came in several different colors, and I was really torn between the red & the black options.  We ended up going with the red, as both hallways off of the living room are red.