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Ohhhh, So Fine, so pretty!

My blog has been kind of boring lately.  I am still battling sinus headaches, and just feeling completely drained lately.  So, I thought I might liven things up by inviting you to participate in a thread discussion with me.  All of the above thread is So Fine, a beautiful polyester thread from Superior Threads.  I love this thread.  It comes is so many beautiful colors, and is perfect for that quilting where you need a thinner thread.  One example would be motifs that require a lot of backtracking.  With a thinner thread, the thread buildup is not as noticeable.  So what are we discussing?  What are your favorite threads and why? Are you a cotton purist? Or do believe the more kinds of thread the better? Do you love lots of color, or prefer muted, neutral colors for quilting thread?  I have some customers that don’t care what type thread I use on their quilts, and some that want cotton only.  I love Signature cotton and King Tut cotton.  There are some quilts that I much prefer to use my Signature cotton, as I want the stitching to really show up.  I like prominent quilting stitches in many of my quilts.  The poly’s seem to have many more color options.  I know some people worry about using poly threads on cotton fabrics.  I have read, and been told, that this is true for your piecing, where the fabric and thread rub together in the seam, but that it’s not an issue for the quilting thread.  I don’t worry about this too much in my own quilts, as I figure they will all outlast me, at the very least.  How do you feel about it?  Are most machine embroidery threads poly?  I know the ones I have are poly.  I’m not going anywhere with this.  Just thought it might be an interesting topic and would love to hear any thoughts you may want to share about thread.  The floor is now open for discussion! 🙂

(BTW, Superior Thread is having a Valentine’s drawing for a $50.00 gift certificate–check it out on Mother Superior’s blog!)