Sunday Stitchin’

The orange row is sewn together! Five more colors to go. I’m not sewing the completed color rows together until all of them are complete and I can see in what order I think they look best.


Even though allergy season is in full bloom for me, Efren and I went for a 3.5 mile walk this morning. I really fell out of my workout routine this last month. It amazes me how fast one can put pounds on, but it takes what seems like forever to get them back off. đŸ˜©

I’m thankful to have another day off from my outside employment tomorrow. Maybe I will get some more sewing done. Happy Labor Day!


Today Was a Good Day

I don’t have a Friday finish, but it was a day of accomplishments. I don’t have to go into the office on Fridays for my main employment as we’ve gone to a four day work week.

I still had a lot of work to do here at home. With everything that happened around my father’s passing, I had gotten really behind in housework, laundry, the office work for our oilfield business, writing checks to pay our bills and bills from my daddy’s medical care, thank you notes to those that sent plants, flowers, donations, etc. The list of not so fun “to do’s” is long and exhausting. So, I used my timer. I would set it for 45 minutes and attack some chores til it went off. Then I would set it for a 15 minute quilting break as a little reward motivation. I did this from the time I was up and dressed until 2:30 when I went to pick up my grandson from kindergarten so we could have a little afternoon play date.

I got one whole chevron completed for baby Z’s quilt. This one is going to go together quick! And, it’s fun. I’m loving it! Six more colors to go!