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I have a real treat for y’all!

Soon, I will be finished with the DWR on the machine, and will have the finished pics of that to share with you.  I have quite a little backlog of customer quilts waiting right now, so I have put aside my own projects for the moment, to stay up with that, as best as I can.  But, in the meantime, I have some yummy, yummy eye candy to share with you.  I want to show off some beautiful handwork, done by a woman that I never had a chance to know in this life.  These lovely items were all done by my husband’s grandmother, Clara Woods Allen.  I do not know when she made them…they are many years old.  They have been stored in my husband’s parents  house, in a cedar chest.  My husband, his sister and brother worked on sorting through the items still left in the house, in order to get it emptied in preparation for selling.  These are things they picked out for me to take home.  I am so in love with them and feel so blessed to be able to enjoy these TREASURES.  I love to look at the stitching, and imagine “Grandma Allen” working on them, and at times I am moved to tears by them.  That might sound kind of silly, but that is how deeply I appreciate and value her handwork.  I will love and enjoy them until it is time to pass them down to my stepdaughter, who will love them just as much.  I am so thankful that I have been given the chance to love and treasure them in my life! And, I feel honored to be trusted with their safekeeping. Enjoy the show…and remember you can click the pictures to make them even bigger, and really see the details.  I have several pieces to share, and will space them out over a few posts, rather than all at once, as posting takes me quite a bit of time, and I’m kind of short on that right now.

Actually, the first couple of items are ones that we brought home after Greg’s mom passed, about nine years ago, but I don’t think I have shown them before, so I am including them in the show.  Even if I have, they are worth seeing again.

Her work is so neat and pretty on the backs, as well…just like it is supposed to be, but mine never is!

A pretty table runner.

Another pretty back.

A very pretty three piece set.  Can anyone tell me what the purpose of these was? My mom thought maybe it was for a chair.

And another pretty back.

That’s all for this post…but stay tuned for more! I hope you enjoy the pics.  I’m going to grab a bite of lunch and get back to work on Erma’s DWR.

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We won!

The Perryton Rangers won first place! And my  baby boy won 1st place individual.  In fact, it was a medal sweep with the Rangers taking 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th individual, as well as 1st place team.

the whole team
my kid!

Finishing out with a birdie putt to finish with an even par score of 72.

I must mention that it is his last tournament on his home course as a high school golfer.  Mama was a little teary eyed. What a great day!

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DWR Update

I got to work on it for two hours this afternoon, after not being able to do anything on it since Sunday, when I finally finished all the CC’ing.  I got one row of feathering completed.  Only eight more to go…lol.

It’s been a crazy, crazy week.  Lots of things going on in my life right now.  Big changes coming at my place of employment.  Lots of unknowns right now.  Tomorrow will be mostly spent on the golf course, cheering on the Ranger golf team.  And that reminds me…I am supposed to be baking a couple dozen cookies for that, as well!  TTYL! Have a great weekend!

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A little preview….

I am still doing the stabilizing (the continuous curve stitching) on Erma’s DWR, but I had to take a break from it and try out some feathers.  The large feather motif is not a stencil.  I drew it in and stitched it out, and am hopeful that I will be able to replicate it closely, over and over, as I go.  I like it.  I have two rows of the CC stitching done, seven more to go…so it will be a few days before I get back to feathers, or have anything exciting to share.  🙂  TTFN