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DWR Feather Video

I haven’t done a video for y’all in awhile, and I thought it might be fun for some of you see how I quilt the larger feather motif in the center of the DWR blocks.  So here ya go!

Many thanks to my awesome camera man, Derek!

30 thoughts on “DWR Feather Video

  1. Thanks for showing that, I love feathers but I am just learning how to do them. It really helps to watch someone quilt them. Beautiful work!


  2. Thank you so much Randi – I am always wondering, did they use a stencil, did they do freehand, did they use a computerized system? Thanks for sharing how you did this it’s so very helpful and thanks to Derek for a great job.


  3. Gosh, you make that look so easy — but I know it took you lots of practice to get as talented as you are with the longarm. The feathers look beautiful! :o)


  4. Awesome tute!! That DWR is turning out to be sooo pretty!! Almost makes me want to piece one! LOL

    Can I ask what thread you are using and what speed you set your A1 to for feathering? Just wondering…


  5. Derek is a man of many talents – guess it’s hereditary.

    Randi, you run at a faster cruise setting than I do – where was Corky set for that motif?

    Hope to see more of these, thanks! I LOVE to watch other LAers stitch.


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