About Randi


I’m a simple woman…at least that what my DH (Dear Husband) says about me…I am a wife, I am a widow,  mother, step-mother & step-grandmother,  quilter, and have a full time job in criminal justice.  (I had to edit that first sentence, since I lost my DH on May 22nd, 2011. I live in a small town in Texas.) I love piecing quilts, I love quilting quilts.  I have a serious addiction to fabric.   I’ve been quilting since 1998, and purchased my first longarm, a Gammill Premier, in 2004.  I upgraded to an A-1 Elite, named Corky, in March, 2007.   I am in the process of rebuilding my life after losing my spouse. All photos and content in this blog are my own, and I request that you not download, copy or otherwise use anything here without my permission.  I hope you enjoy visiting my blog and would love to hear your comments.   Thanks for stopping by!

UPDATE!! Well! A lot has changed since I last updated my bio, but it’s such an important part of my story, that I’m going to leave it as is above, and add to here below. I can now add wife to the things I am again, as I have met and married another wonderful man with whom I can share this crazy, beautiful  adventure that is life! Along with my Prince, I acquired another beautiful son to love. And, I’m a grandmother (Mammy) to three beautiful grandsons of my own. Life is full and busy, busy, busy! I hope you will continue to visit me from time to time!