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Stash Quilting Report, 2-8-09

I used 2.75 yds adding the borders to my 2nd 9P & stripe quilt.  I had zero yards come in.

  • Incoming Yardage to date: 0 yds.
  • Outgoing Yardage to date:  20.5 yds.
  • Total Stash Busted to date: 20.5 yds.

This will be the next top of my own to go on the longarm.  I have some customer work coming this week, that will go first, however. I think I am seeing some crosshatching & some feather.  Not sure what else.  What do you think?  I even toyed with the idea of just doing a panto on this one, but I think I’ll stick with custom.  I intend to use this quilt in our bedroom, as our fall quilt.000_8157

7 thoughts on “Stash Quilting Report, 2-8-09

  1. You know what I would do? Find an incredibly beautiful backing. Do feathers. Do stitch in the ditch. Do anything that would look good on the front, but that would allow for a whole cloth look on the back. Give yourself a two-fer. 😀 You asked! LOL


  2. Jan’s idea is good. If you wanted, you could actually combine the idea of custom and panto by doing an all over feather freehand design. That’s probably what I would have done when I had a business. =) It’ll be very pretty any way you do it.


  3. I was just wondering…how do you calculate stash busted if you use only small amounts of many different fabrics? (or maybe you don’t sew lots of scrappy things.)

    I keep cutting & sewing, but none of the bins seem to go down! Wha’ the….??!?!


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