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Thankful Tuesday and Early Wednesday WIP

I know it’s usually thankful Thursday, but I’m going early this week on some things.  My Dad is doing much better.  Everything seems to be resolving and doesn’t look like anything too serious is going on with him.  Yay!  My husband had some tests a week ago Friday, one involving what the doctor suspected was another cancerous mole.  But it wasn’t! Yay! And while he was having that biopsied, he also had the blood test that screens for prostate cancer, and that came back normal, also.  Yay!

And I’m thankful for all my blogging friends that sent prayers and kind thoughts.  And thank you all for the encouragement you’ve given about my 9P & stripe! So many sweet comments.  I appreciate them all!

I’ve been doing a bit of piecing on my star blocks again, but I don’t think they are going to end up in the pattern that was intended.  I love the blocks, I love the fabrics, I’m just not loving them together.  So, I think this project is going to go a different direction, which will require a bit of extra thinking on my part…lol.  I think that it’s the orange fabrics not going with the reds…maybe.  At least not when they are butted next to each other, like the pattern.


When I pull out the orange ones, I like it better.


And the oranges  aren’t bad on their own.


But I’m still not really feeling it.   Maybe it’s a value thing…I’m not really sure why I don’t like it, it just doesn’t seem to be working.  But I know these block have the potential to be an awesome quilt, or maybe more than one quilt.

So, I looked closely at the fabrics, and notice that several share a similar green accent color, that happens to be very close the color of this bolt I bought to use for backing fabric.  And I wondered, what if I set them on point, and used this green for setting blocks and triangles?


Or, sashing and setting triangles,  with the blocks on point, which I think is my favorite.


Even like this, I don’t think the polka dots and oranges go with the rest, and will figure out a way to put them together, on their own.  What do you think? Am I on a better track with this?

13 thoughts on “Thankful Tuesday and Early Wednesday WIP

  1. Happy dancing for you that everything is working itself out!! As for the quilt…. I like the on point with the square in there… I don’t know what color I would go with, but that is the setting I like. I would then figure out a star motif to quilt in that square to tie it all together…. I know you didn’t ask that… but my mind always goes that way… how would I quilt it if I did this and/or tie it all together…..


  2. Glad so many things are working out! About the quilt, wy not try to convert your photos to black and white to see if it’s the value that’s bugging you. I actually like the orange in with the other blocks…..but I love orange in every quilt so I’m not the best judge!


  3. glad your dad and hubby are OK.

    The quilt will come..you’ll find the combo you’re looking for eventually…sometimes it just takes a little time.


  4. Ask 10 quilters, you’ll get 10 answers…

    I like the 2nd picture, after you’ve pulled out the oranges, but before you stick in the setting squares or sashing…but I bet I’ll love whatever you end up with…

    Glad to hear all of the good news!


  5. Hi Randi – Glad to hear all the good news – it’s always a worry as our parents get older as well as ourselves – wait did I just say I’m getting older – noooooo! I really like the picture with the sashing and love anything that is “on point”.


  6. Randi, so glad to hear the good news about both your Dad and your hubby.

    I think you’re headed in the right direction with your blocks – I like all your ‘alternatives’ but I think I’m with you on the orange and red together. The quilting on your stash quilt is, as always, amazing.


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