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Sunday Stash Report, 10-5-08

  • 0 yards in this week
  • 4 yards out this week

YTD totals

  • Incoming Yardage to date: 84
  • Outgoing Yardage to date:  109& 5/12yds
  • Total Stash Busted to date: 25 & 5/12 yds

The four yards busted this week was fleece for this navy/tan fleece blanket for a customer.

I’ll probably rather quiet til my living room painting job gets finished, and I can get things back in order.  It’s chaotic in here right now.  The painter was making good progress.  He put kilz on the two larger walls yesterday, and got started cutting in with the paint today.  Then we noticed a problem.  I had three cans of paint in the garage.  One partial can that was left from the top half of the entryway, which is textured wall, and a lighter color than I am painting the paneling, which is in the living room and the bottom half of the entryway.  We also had a partial can of the color for the paneling, and a full can of that color.  DH picked up the partial can and says “is this the paint, honey?”  I said it was, without looking closely, as I picked up the full can, and said “this is the full can that goes with it”.  I had forgotten that the other partial can of the lighter color was sitting in the same vicinity as the other two cans.  You know where this going don’t you?  Yep, he had almost all the cutting in done when we realized what had happened.  I managed to only say OH CRAP, OH CRAP out loud, though what was going on in my head was much worse. So work halted for today while the wrong color dries, and he went to watch the Dallas Cowboys football game.  The guy painting works for my husband at our glass shop, but he used to work for a painter, and does painting jobs on the side.  He & DH are gonna work on it tomorrow afternoon.  It could’ve been worse.  🙂