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Family, Past and Present

Today, we get ready to watch my oldest “step”-grandson (from my marriage to my late husband) marry his sweetheart this evening. It will be a fun wedding, cowboy style, in the pasture with reception dinner and dancing to follow. These moments and days are bittersweet. These are the days when my past life and present life collide a bit more, and emotions tend to be more unpredictable. It’s now five years post loss. Greg’s absence is always more “acute” at events such as this. This is his first grandchild getting married. I know that my stepdaughter will very deeply miss her father’s presence at the wedding. Tonight, my new husband will accompany me, and sit on the front “family” row, as the place by my side now belongs to him. I am so thankful that he has been welcomed into the family with open arms, and that I continue to be a loved and special part of my late husband’s family. And, that he also has welcomed them into his life. Our blended family is quite complex. On both sides. I am so blessed and thankful for this new love and this precious man to share my life with. There was a day when I couldn’t imagine it, and now I cannot imagine not having him in my life. I believe he and Greg were just both meant to  have a place in this journey that is my life and in my heart. Thankfully, there are no limits to love and no limits on how much or many our hearts can hold. 

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I love my STASH!

Friday afternoon my Mom called to tell me a dear friend of ours has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  And, being the quilter that I am, I ran straight to my stash.  Oh yes, she must have a quilt!  I had a stack of 5″ pink charm squares, and this is what I did with them.  Started on this yesterday morning, by early afternoon today, it was a completed flimsy.  I can’t wait to watch it be transformed by the quilting.  I’m hoping to squeeze it in, for a quick panto,  between the customer quilt that is on the machine, and the next one in line, so I can get it bound, labeled and off to our friend.  I am going to estimate that I busted 4 yds in the top.  No new fabric in this week.


Speaking of customer quilts…the next one in line is soooooo cute!  It is appliqued “Chubby Chicks” in cute colors.  I will enjoy working on it.  I will be blogging it, so it’s owner can check in on it.  I just hope I do it justice!  Right now I am quilting appliqued pigs.  I really started second guessing my quilting choices a little over halfway through, and had a mini meltdown.   I took it off the machine to turn and repin it, so I could quilt the last two borders more easily, and took a some pics before I put it back on.  I think it helped to be able to step back and see the whole quilt at once.



I’m sure I will worry about it a bit, until I get to hand it back to it’s owner and get her reaction.  I’m such a worry wart about that.  And it’s usually the quilts that I think will be the easiest.  Somewhere in the process, my confidence takes a hike, and in comes self-doubt and second guessing, and “oh my God, I’m a failure” thoughts.  Hopefully, she will love it and all my worry will have been for nothing.  Time will tell.

And these are my pretty new flowers that my hubby brought home Friday, to plant in my flower bed.  Purple asters…I love them!



Tomorrow, I’m off to Amarillo for the yearly “female” doctor visit.  Yucko! Hope your Monday is better than that.

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Sunday Stash Report

No change in my stash numbers, but I did finish up my customer’s Spiderman quilt.  Yay! I have a wallhanging size to do a pantograph on next, and then one of my own is up!  And it’s a king…so that is gonna use up a nice chunk of fabric for backing.

And Happy 12th Anniversary to DH & me!!  Yes, I’d marry him all over again if I had it to do over. 🙂

And Woohooohooo, Bobby Labonte got a 5th place finish at Las Vegas today!  Yes!!





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OMGosh! It IS Christmas in July!

Wendy has been posting all these Christmas in July posts, over on her blog, the last few days.  Today, my  wonderful, fantastic, sweetest man ever, darling husband comes home, from a work related trip to Amarillo, with this!

No special occasion…just knew that awhile back, quite awhile back, I had toyed with idea of getting an embroidery machine.  He said he hopes I like it, but I can take it back if I don’t.  I was like, whatever! I’m sure I love it!  What a man!  Gotta run! I have an instruction manual to read!

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Ick! Wind! And other things…

Oh JOY! The wind is supposed to be really bad today, gusting up to 50 mph.   Y’all know I hate that, if you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time.  It  is supposed to be that way tomorrow, too.  That prolly ‘splains why my head hurt all day yesterday and my sinuses feel swollen and stuffy today.  My head seems to be very sensitive to weather changes.

Onto other things…Happy birthday to my DH today! Love ya babe!

Remember the printed panel quilt I quilted with the Cutie Patootie panto? And when my customer came to pick it up she brought a top with her that is 60 yrs. old? I posted about it here,  Well, she called last night, and she does want me to quilt it.  She said she decided not to remove the pencil marks, so I will try to quilt over them as best I can, and she said if they don’t come out, she will live with them.  I’m excited about working on it for her…it’s really pretty, and I hope I do it justice.  I didn’t get to finish the one I have on the machine yesterday, as my head was really throbbing by the time I got off work.  And tonight, there will be birthday festivities for DH.  I will be sad to take this one back to it’s owner.  I LOVE this quilt.  It is sooooo pretty.  It’s a  Fons and Porter Stars & Stripes Sampler.  My customer did a beautiful job on it, and I really love the fabrics she used.  In fact, I like hers so much, I ordered the booklet from Fons & Porter last night, so maybe, someday, when I have time (LOL), I can make my own.  Since I was ordering, I also ordered Marianne Fons’ Fine Feathers book, as I have read so many great reviews of it. 

Time to get up from here and get ready for work! Have a great day!

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Oh Santa Baby, I Love You!!

My husband made me cry…like a little girl…I got cooking pots! And a wok! From Pampered Chef!


Ok, so if you are thinking “I would cry if I got cooking pots for Christmas, too”, and you mean that in a not so good way…let show you my old cooking pots.


This is like Extreme Makeover Cookware edition.  I am 41 yrs. old and I have never had my very own, brand new to me, cookware.  Now I do.  My old ones are a hodgepodge of hand me downs from my Mom.  I made mention one day to my hubby, after looking at a Pampered Chef catalog, at my hairstylist’s shop, (he was having a book party) that they had some nice cook pots.  I said I’ve never had any nice cook pots.  He asked if I got any…I said no, they are expensive.  And that was the end of that conversation.  Well, DH called our hairstylist and told him that he needed to know about these cookpots I saw when I was at his shop.  Yep, I’m really, really proud of my cookpots.  And I’m really proud of him, too.

Santa Baby also got me this platter I fell in love with, at a local Christian bookstore. He said it’s the only chicken I’ll be getting this year…lol!


My parents came this morning and just left about an hour ago.  In fact Mom just called to let me know they are almost back to their house.  We had a great time, and since I have DH’s Christmas present quilt still loaded on the longarm, I actually got to show them how it works.  They have seen it before, but I’ve never had anything on that I could actually quilt in front of them. 

Hmmm…maybe I should mention before Christmas next year, that I’ve never had a really nice mixer…. 😉

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What a Difference a Day Makes!

Wow, yesterday I had that gorgeous sunrise to enjoy, and today, this! Good thing the Princess of Serendipity is keeping Flat Stanley home til after the holidays 🙂  It was not foggy, that is just blowing snow making visibility very difficult.



One of us was enjoying it! Yeehaw, says Libby as she dashes through the snow, at a high rate of speed!


I’ll let this picture speak for itself!


Ok, I’m ready to go back in now!


I took all these early this morning.  It’s now almost 3:00 pm, and the sun is shining again!

In quilt news, I have the courthouse steps loaded on the longarm, but I decided to stop kidding myself.  No way that it is getting finished before Christmas.  I was making myself cranky by putting so much pressure on myself.  I told DH today, Merry Christmas! This is your gift! He said he loves it! I sure love him!

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Welcome Home, Sweetheart!

Woohoo! My husband is coming home today!  He has been gone since Sunday morning, on a fishing trip to Amistad Lake.  Kay has written some very funny posts in her blog about being “paranoid” when her DH is gone and she is alone in the house.  I, on the other hand, am more paranoid about telling the “whole world” that he is gone, than I am about the actual being alone part.  So, now that he is on his way home, I can “safely” tell y’all that he’s not been here with me all week.  How silly is that? LOL!  Anyway, I am so excited that my sweet baby will be home with me tonight! 🙂

Now, I’m up and off of this computer to get dressed, and do something quilty! I am making great progress on Carrie & John’s quilt, and I hope in the end it will look great. I am to the point of taking it off and turning it for the last borders, and I still have some quilting to do in the center, but while I have it off, I want to mark the vein for the final feathers, that will go throught the dark diamond around the center. After the borders and final feathers are done, I will have some simple meandering left to do, and I will be finished with the quilting.  But, while I have it off, I have to baste one more baby quilt for a customer.

Have a great weekend, y’all!