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OMGosh! It IS Christmas in July!

Wendy has been posting all these Christmas in July posts, over on her blog, the last few days.  Today, my  wonderful, fantastic, sweetest man ever, darling husband comes home, from a work related trip to Amarillo, with this!

No special occasion…just knew that awhile back, quite awhile back, I had toyed with idea of getting an embroidery machine.  He said he hopes I like it, but I can take it back if I don’t.  I was like, whatever! I’m sure I love it!  What a man!  Gotta run! I have an instruction manual to read!

11 thoughts on “OMGosh! It IS Christmas in July!

  1. I hope that you love it. I have one, and haven’t used it for a couple of months, but have it it going pretty hard today. It’ quite fun. What a sweet thing for your husband to do.


  2. Congratulations!!! You will have loads of fun with it. I don’t do much machine embroidery, but whenever I do, I always enjoy it. You are one lucky gal, Randi. What a sweet husband! 🙂


  3. What a great thing for your hubby to do. He is a keeper!

    Now you can start collecting embroidery designs. There are a lot of freebies out there and great designers that sell their designs a lot cheaper than buying from the machine company. If you need any leads on these, let me know.

    Have fun playing!

    Judy in MO


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