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Storm At Sea Quilting Ta-Done!

I love it! I used Quilters Dream Poly for the batting, Rainbows Rain Forest on the top, and So Fine Marigold on the back.  All the pics are “clickable” so you can see them better, if you’d like.

I wish I could get a pic of the true color of the back…it’s almost the color of canned pumpkin.  Much more vibrant and pretty than the pics show.  Quilting this was fun!

EDIT: Thanks for the photo tip, Vicki! It worked perfectly!

BTW, it’s a nice, cool 68 degrees outside here, right now! How awesome is that for July?!

44 thoughts on “Storm At Sea Quilting Ta-Done!

  1. It’s really beautiful!!! Try this for photographing the back. Try to find something medium gray (or even a faded pair of blue jeans) and lay that at the edge of the quilt. Take the photo with the gray item and then crop it out in your photo editor. The camera is looking for gray so it’s trying to make your orange into gray.


  2. Oh …..ooh ……. ooh !! It is the ultimate! Wanna play sharesies?? huh?? huh?? let’s see ….. sharing ….. sammi gets it for for the summer months (April thru November) and Randi gets it for winter! (Christmastime) That’s fair, eh? OR … to be more fair … sammi only gets it on the days of the week that end in “Y”. Is that better??

    LOL ! I love it !


  3. Absolutely Beautiful! Your quilting is fabulous- I love the colors in the top and really love the color of the backing!
    Linda Kay


  4. Absolutely gorgeous, your quilting definitely takes this quilt into a totally different direction, stand proud, the back is fantastic also……


  5. It is just spectacular!! I absolutely love batiks and your quilting shows off this pattern wonderfully. And OMGosh what a difference showing the back. Beautiful


  6. Randi, that turned out superbly! LOVE the top, LOVE the back, LOVE IT!

    P.S. What is that tree(?) in the pic showing the back of the quilt? Intriguing looking texture. 8)


  7. Hi Randi,

    Thanks for the lovely comment on my floral arrangement.

    On my wholecloth, after finish basting the quilt, I noticed there was quite a bit of slack on the back! So, now, I have to take out all the pins and re-baste the whole quilt. So aggravating. But this is going to be a quilt I hope to enter in a show… so, I thought I’d better not skim on the effort…


  8. It is absolutely beautiful. I can’t remember whether you do or not, but please say you have a computerized machine for those motifs! They look like they are perfect.

    Nope, no computerized machine…and trust me, they are not perfect. I was afraid the imperfections were going to ruin it, you know how they glare at you when you are only 5 or 6 inches from it while stitching it…but once it was all done, the imperfections don’t stand out that bad. I was pleasantly surprised.


  9. I have been meaning to get back to this post since I saw it about 5 minutes after you posted it. Where does the time go. I absolutely love what you have done with this quilt. Makes me want to check and see if Wilma has any more in stock!


  10. I LOVE your ‘storm at sea’ quilt! It’s totally gorgeous. Everything works so well – the colour choice and placement, piecing, and that wonderful quilting. Well done, and thanks so much for sharing it.


  11. I am a longarm quilter. I like the quilting patterns you used on the blocks. Can you remember the name of them? Digital or stencils? Thanks for sharing.


  12. That is a beautiful quilt. I would love to have one for a lap quilt. Who is the manufacturer of the Rainbow Rain Forest fabric that you used & how did you go about deciding where to put which fabrics? Your quilting is phenomenal!!! Thanks for sharing this masterpiece with us.


    1. Thank you for your compliment. This post, and my quilt are both 7 years old now, and I still don’t get tired of seeing it hanging in my living room. I made it from a John Flynn precut kit. I believe he still sells them. Google John Flynn storm at sea and you should find it fairly easily. 🙂


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