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Stash Report, 7-27-08

I stayed strong and did not buy any fabric.  I did buy assorted other items, including Isacord embroidery thread, some applique supplies, and some patterns, but no fabric.

I busted 3 yards this week.  One on the inner border of my dad’s log cabin, and I gave away 2 more.  The recipient doesn’t know they are getting them yet.  🙂 

  • 66 yards in ytd
  • 71 yards out ytd
  • 5 yards total stash busted (small, but going in the right direction!)

I have not had a great week, physically.  Not feeling well, ribs & shoulder hurting a lot, hands & fingers hurting, as well as hips & knees.  Also, had a headache and extreme tiredness,  along with all this.  I have an appt. with my doc tomorrow, and I hope I can keep my resolve and make him really listen to me, because something isn’t right.  It may just be some kind of arthritis, but it’s time to try harder to figure it out.  Anyway, I still managed to keep up with my lessons for the onling art quilting class I’m taking.  And over the last two days, I sewed the inner portion of my dad’s log cabin together.  I did manage to make a little more progress on the custom job that’s loaded on the machine, but with my back issues, I didn’t do much on it. 

I’ve been anxiously waiting for this to happen! And finally this morning…

Giant Sunflower
Giant Sunflower

This next shot is just to show you how tall it is.

I can’t wait to photograph it in the dark!

Earlier this week, Theresa awarded me the Arte y Pico award.  Thank you for thinking me worthy, Theresa.

This lovely statue is called the “Arte y Pico” award which was created to be given to bloggers who inspire others with their creative energy and talents no matter whether it be in the form of writing, artwork, design, interesting material, or contributions to the blogger community. When a blogger receives this award it is considered a “special honor” and, once presented to you, it is to be passed on to at least 5 other bloggers who meet the criteria.

I know this little award has been making the rounds lately, so I am going to try to pick five that I don’t think I’ve seen awarded yet, whose blogs I enjoy.  Gayle, Terri, Jan, Sally, and Jacquie, consider yourselves awarded!