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Stash Report, 7-27-08

I stayed strong and did not buy any fabric.  I did buy assorted other items, including Isacord embroidery thread, some applique supplies, and some patterns, but no fabric.

I busted 3 yards this week.  One on the inner border of my dad’s log cabin, and I gave away 2 more.  The recipient doesn’t know they are getting them yet.  🙂 

  • 66 yards in ytd
  • 71 yards out ytd
  • 5 yards total stash busted (small, but going in the right direction!)

I have not had a great week, physically.  Not feeling well, ribs & shoulder hurting a lot, hands & fingers hurting, as well as hips & knees.  Also, had a headache and extreme tiredness,  along with all this.  I have an appt. with my doc tomorrow, and I hope I can keep my resolve and make him really listen to me, because something isn’t right.  It may just be some kind of arthritis, but it’s time to try harder to figure it out.  Anyway, I still managed to keep up with my lessons for the onling art quilting class I’m taking.  And over the last two days, I sewed the inner portion of my dad’s log cabin together.  I did manage to make a little more progress on the custom job that’s loaded on the machine, but with my back issues, I didn’t do much on it. 

I’ve been anxiously waiting for this to happen! And finally this morning…

Giant Sunflower
Giant Sunflower

This next shot is just to show you how tall it is.

I can’t wait to photograph it in the dark!

Earlier this week, Theresa awarded me the Arte y Pico award.  Thank you for thinking me worthy, Theresa.

This lovely statue is called the “Arte y Pico” award which was created to be given to bloggers who inspire others with their creative energy and talents no matter whether it be in the form of writing, artwork, design, interesting material, or contributions to the blogger community. When a blogger receives this award it is considered a “special honor” and, once presented to you, it is to be passed on to at least 5 other bloggers who meet the criteria.

I know this little award has been making the rounds lately, so I am going to try to pick five that I don’t think I’ve seen awarded yet, whose blogs I enjoy.  Gayle, Terri, Jan, Sally, and Jacquie, consider yourselves awarded!


18 thoughts on “Stash Report, 7-27-08

  1. Thanks for the gorgeous photo of that very impressive sunflower! Hope the doctor listens!!!!
    I finally tried a Chiropractor for a foot issue, and I swear he not only helped that but helped my other joint issues as well (and I was NOT a believer 🙂 Maybe it’s all in my head (for sure) but who cares?!
    Good luck.


  2. Ah thanks Randi!! 😀 And you know I love the sunflower pic!!!! 😀 I agree, stand firm. If you need to find a new doc who will listen then it is time to start that journey. But life is too short to live it in pain without any answers. Not to mention the mental stress of not being taken seriously. I’m glad you were still able to keep up with some of the fund projects you have in the works!!!


  3. Sending big hugs to you Randi. I’m going to Mayo tomorrow … maybe you should meet me there! They do take you seriously ….

    Remember to count and conserve spoons. If it doesn’t HAVE to be done by you, don’t do it. (Photos of the sunflower counts as a HAS to be done by you). Your DH and DS understand and will help you out as needed. Just ask!



  4. I hope your appt. goes well tomorrow. I love the sunflower, it is very beautiful, also congratulations on your award.


  5. So sorry to hear that you are not feeling well…hopefully the Dr. will be able to help you figure out your problem and get you back on track! First take tiny steps stash busting then the numbers add up in a hurry! I hope you have a better week, too 🙂


  6. I know I am in another country..but I assume you have specialist Dr’s called rheumatologists??
    I would ask for a referral to one if you are not happy and it it is refused ask again..firmly and insist.


  7. Hi, Randy. The sunflower is fantabulous! Sorry you are feeling under the weather. The suggestion of Lyme Disease sounds like something you should explore. You also sound like a candidate for fibromyalgia screening – I have it and when it flares up it is exactly like you are describing.

    The award is well deserved – I always love reading your blog.


  8. Beautiful sunflower – worth waiting for! My Nana used to have a row of very tall sunflowers and I always loved to have my photo taken with me standing in front of them. I hope you feel better soon – you might want to look around for a new doctor if you don’t feel like your current one is taking you seriously.


  9. Lovely pics of your sunflower! Maybe you have fibromyalgia. That would explain the aches and fatigue. I don’t have it but know a couple of ladies who do. Hope you get to feeling better soon and I hope your doctor LISTENS to you!!


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