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They Really Do Grow Up Sooooo Fast

Until I was a mom, I didn’t realize how fast it really flies.  Happy 17th!

I also didn’t know how much I would miss that sweaty, smelly little boy that used to run around this house.  The one that played Bomberman, Jurassic Park, Monopoly and other games with me.  That dyed Easter Eggs with me, colored coloring books with me, bugged me to the point of insanity to open his Christmas presents early.  The one that sent me searching for Power Rangers, Megazords, and Transformers.  Oh, let’s not forget the Pokemon cards.  I can still see his face light up brighter than the brightest Christmas tree when I would show up to get him at the end of the work/school day, or to eat lunch with him at school.  The one that insisted on this routine, every night:  (me) Good night (him) Good night (me) Sleep tight (him) Sleep tight (me) Sweet dreams (him) Sweet dreams (me) Don’t let the bed bugs bite (him) I won’t, you either (me) I won’t, I love you (him) I love you, too.  Yes, I miss that boy.  He left so quickly…But what a wonderful young man has taken his place.

DH & I did a bit of yard work Sunday evening.  I found this.

This is what yard work does to me.  Nice hair, huh?  LOL  And yes, my glasses are crooked…I really need some new ones. 

And I have gotten to play with my new embroidery machine a little.  I made this label for my friend, to put on her snowman quilt.  She loves it and I got a hug!

I’ve had a customer quilt on the machine ever since I got done with my Storm At Sea.  It’s not a big quilt, but it’s custom, and it’s going slow.  It’s been one of my biggest longarm challenges so far.  I’m anxious to see the final result.

13 thoughts on “They Really Do Grow Up Sooooo Fast

  1. Thanks for the post. We are still in the beginning of adolescence, with a 10 and a 12 year old – however, time really does fly.
    I see your son is wearing a shirt that says Impact. I had some friends who were in a church singing group about 25 years ago that was called Impact. Is his shirt representative of a church group?
    Again, thanks for the read.

    Thank you for your nice comment, Don. Yes, Impact is a program in his church youth group.


  2. Randi, The label you made looks wonderful!!!! You’re son looks wonderful too. That’s a nice picture of the 2 of you.

    I nominated you for a cyber award. Check out my blog for details.


  3. Yes, Randi, he does look like you. I know you are so proud of him. Time does fly much too quickly. My son is twice as old as yours…….I still can’t figure out how my kids got so old when I’m still so young:)


  4. Happy 17th to your son!

    What a neat photo of the two of you–and it is fun to see you in ‘work around the home’ mode, too.

    Yes, they grow up so fast and before you’ve had a chance to blink, you are watching their children grow up. I know you are enjoying your time with him, so I won’t bother to say it—-every stage of their life brings challenges along with incredible blessings, doesn’t it?

    My package arrived in yesterday’s mail!! I brought it up to the house last night and loved seeing the bright, cheerful fabrics. Thank you!


  5. where was the tissue warning?! And I didn’t know you could have kids at age two….. otherwise how would you still look so mah-va-lous 😉


  6. Great pics, Randi!

    The bedtime ritual brought tears to my eyes as we had a very similar ritual. I’d almost forgotten about it. Now my “baby” is 16 and only one more year before he starts interviewing at colleges. (Poor kid NEEDS a scholarship or he will have to settle for a local school. How can these decisions be happening so soon??? Noooo!)

    P.S. I am green with envy over your new toy! Love the label!


  7. Tony Snow (white house press secretary who passed away last week) said ” I come home every day and they call me by my favorite name – Dad”
    Yeah for your d h too


  8. Happy 17th to your son! My son (also 17) played all the same games and we hunted for the Pokemon cards like crazy…you guys have a Charazard?


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