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Midweek Snippets

I’ve mentioned that I’m taking an online art quilting class.  One of the class projects involves dying my own fabric with fabric paint.  I can now see why so many people do this.  It’s fun!  These four little pieces are all I have done, and they are for a still life assignment.  Mine will involve tomatoes and jalapenos, therefore, the red/orange/yellow/green scheme.  The one really wild one was just for fun and I threw in some of every color I had.

This next pic is just for fun, and for Gayle.  I found a neat moth on my patio wall. 

This pic gives an idea of it’s size.  Anyone know what kind it is? BTW, my fingernails aren’t “dirty”, that is fabric paint under them…I used gloves, but had taken them off, and forgot and handled my fabrics while they were still very wet.  That stuff is messy!

I did see my doctor on Monday, and he is putting me through a bunch of tests.  We have the first round of results and are waiting on some more to come back, a couple he is doing more followup on.  I had three vials of blood drawn Monday, and a series of xrays.  The bloodwork looks good so far, except my red blood count is actually elevated, and he is investigating that further, so another vial drawn yesterday.  He said he also ran test for B-12, hormone levels, and lupus, and those results aren’t back yet.  He said the xrays show that I have a rib on the upper right side that appears to have been cracked or broken at some time, and we are going to look further into that.  He has ordered a bone mass density, which I will have tomorrow morning.  Saturday morning, I am having an MRI of my head and, I believe, the upper back.  I raised my right shoulder up and down in his office, and it made lots of noise for him, and he could put his hand on my back and feel it “popping” also.  So I was very glad that I could actually “show” him what I was talking about. 

Did y’all hear a loud crash earlier this week…sometime Tuesday afternoon?  That would have been me falling off the “not buying fabric wagon”….LOL!  Y’all knew it was gonna happen, didn’t you?  There will be more about that in my Sunday report.  🙂  But, there will also be some stash usage to report…I have made some quilting progress this week, in spite of my pain. 

Hope your week is going great!