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Sunday Stash Reporting, 7-20-08

I have been in two different fabric shops in the last week, and the only fabric I picked up was a bit of bleached muslin, for an online art quilting class I’m taking at MQR, which I am not counting in my totals, as it was a class requirement, and will be used up right away.  TWO shops, no purchasing, lots of beautiful fabrics….I’m getting the shakes….I’m jonesing bad…I feel like going on a binge…I need a sponsor…

  • 0 yard in this week
  • 5 yards out (I gave it away in my reward challenge)
  • total busted YTD is 2 yards (woohoo! a positive number, small though it may be)

I made a day trip to Pampa yesterday to hang out with the folks, and to do a bit of shopping.  I bought new crayons for the aforementioned art class.  I didn’t need them.  And I certainly didn’t need 120, but I did want the crayon sharpener, that is included in the box of 120 crayons.  I also bought some embroidery thread.  In the pic, you can see my very first tries with my new machine.  I still have a lot of reading to do, in the instruction manual, and look forward to taking the class that the shop offers.

I also came home with some canning jars, that my Mom was wanting out of her way.  Don’t know what I’m going to do with them, I just love canning jars and wanted them.

Some commemorate the bicenntenial.  I was in the 4th grade that year. 

I like these square shaped ones, too.

My husband asked, “What are YOU going to do with them?”  My response was “I don’t know…I just like them…maybe I’ll can something sometime.”  That comment evoked laughter from husband.  Ok, so maybe I’ll just use them to make pretty displays, and store things like buttons and golf tees, like I already am doing with some I had.  I just like them…