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Sunday Snippets

It’s a beautiful fall morning here at Casa de Ortega. I rather like the fall back time change. Mr. O has a toasty fire going for us and pumpkin spice creamer in my coffee. Nice. Miss Bella is up and at ’em, too.


Every time I see the blog post of that sweet little Dog Gone Cute quilt that several bloggers have been doing as a quilt along, I’m reminded of our silly girl. She looks like she could have been a model for the pattern, don’t you think?


My Prince and I made a quick trip to Amarillo yesterday, for a little shopping and a couple errands. We haven’t been able to make a quick little getaway like that for about three months, due to his work schedule. Some heavy rainfall in our area slowed things down enough that he could safely take the Saturday off. It’s a two hour drive just to get there and we had to be back home around 7:00 pm to see the little g-babies in their costumes and spoil them with treats. But, the limited time went so fast, we never made it to anyplace other than the mall. We even had our Halloween lunch date there and took a silly selfie. 😀


One of the items we did get marked off the agenda yesterday was to purchase some new pillows. We both have neck, shoulder and back pains, and often wake up stiff and sore feeling. We decided to go to a sleep store, and have a trained sales associate help us in the pillow selection process. We both felt better this morning upon waking, and are hopeful that this was a good investment. I don’t mind spending the extra money for a good night’s sleep and better physical health with less pain. That would definitely be worth it!

Today, I’m goimg to throw some country style ribs in the crock pot and make Dr. Pepper ribs. Another tasty recipe easily found with a Google search or in Pinterest.  I have laundry and household chores to do, and  will take my parents some chicken salad I mixed up for us and for them. And, I hope hope hope I get some stitching time. I’m setting a couple small goals for myself for November.

I want to finish baby C’s quilt, and it’s way past time to get the binding stitching done on this king size quilt I made a couple years ago.


This will be finished ASAP! Miss Bella seems to want to help!


That’s a wrap for now! I have stitching to do! 😀

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Sleeping Beauty

I should have turned the TV down before filming Libby, so I apologize in advance for the background noise.  Once I started filming her, I couldn’t reach the remote.  I think you will still be able to pick the out her snoring from the roaring engines in the background.  Obviously Libby isn’t the NASCAR fan that I am. 🙂  And now I present to you,  Snoring Sleeping Beauty.

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What a Difference a Day Makes!

Wow, yesterday I had that gorgeous sunrise to enjoy, and today, this! Good thing the Princess of Serendipity is keeping Flat Stanley home til after the holidays 🙂  It was not foggy, that is just blowing snow making visibility very difficult.



One of us was enjoying it! Yeehaw, says Libby as she dashes through the snow, at a high rate of speed!


I’ll let this picture speak for itself!


Ok, I’m ready to go back in now!


I took all these early this morning.  It’s now almost 3:00 pm, and the sun is shining again!

In quilt news, I have the courthouse steps loaded on the longarm, but I decided to stop kidding myself.  No way that it is getting finished before Christmas.  I was making myself cranky by putting so much pressure on myself.  I told DH today, Merry Christmas! This is your gift! He said he loves it! I sure love him!

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Well, even though I had an extremely busy day at work, my vet was able to work Lulu in for me.  I took her and dropped her off, and was able to leave work for a few minutes to pick her up and run her back home when he was done with her.  She still isn’t back to her normal self, but we have some new medicines.  She does have some ear infection, and some bacterial infection in her skin, but it is all coming from her allergies.  I don’t like it when my little dog Lulu isn’t happy 😦

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My Mimosa Tree

Today, I will treat you to some pics of my Mimosa tree.  I was so happy to discover that one of the the young trees growing in the front yard of our house, when we bought it ten years ago, was a Mimosa.  I love these trees.

000_4498.jpg              000_4572.jpg        

    000_4631.jpg                                                000_4569.jpg   I have a couple of chairs sitting underneath the Mimosa and the Locust trees.  000_4581.jpg    The little dog, Lulu,    000_4622.jpg  and I enjoyed some nice time spent there this afternoon.  We did not get the bad storms yesterday, just some rain last night, and today the high was only in the 70’s.  It was so relaxing to sit underneath that beautiful canopy of leaves and pink, fluffy blossoms,   000_4623.jpg  while I finished handstitching the binding on the blue & yellow log cabin quilt.   000_4637.jpg

And yes, I did get the binding finished!  Yea!  I only had to work at my day job til about 10:30 this a.m.  So that gave me some good time to work on quilting projects.  I got started on the customer panto around 3:00.  I got three rows done, and have about 2.5 left to go.  I could have finished it today, but instead I chose to go out to dinner with my two favorite men 🙂 .  We went out to a local Mexican restaurant. When we came home, I got it all lined up and ready to go for the next row, but decided that could wait til tomorrow.