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Well, even though I had an extremely busy day at work, my vet was able to work Lulu in for me.  I took her and dropped her off, and was able to leave work for a few minutes to pick her up and run her back home when he was done with her.  She still isn’t back to her normal self, but we have some new medicines.  She does have some ear infection, and some bacterial infection in her skin, but it is all coming from her allergies.  I don’t like it when my little dog Lulu isn’t happy 😦

3 thoughts on “Lulu

  1. Yes! The log cabin blocks are done! I even have three ROWS put together! Thanks for noticing…I’m getting excited that I may have a quilt from this yet 🙂
    If Lulu is not showing much improvement by tomorrow, I will be calling the vet again. I got drops for her ears and antibiotics for her to take, but she is still scratching those spots, causing them to start bleeding again. I have a sweater on her, but it isn’t 100 percent successful at keeping her from scratching the big spot on her neck 😦


  2. What??!! There was no big announcement on the log cabin blocks?!!!! 🙂 Congrats!!! I hope the new meds work for Lulu. No fun when your fur babies don’t feel good!!


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