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Starry Log Cabin and Stuff

I’ve already reported how I spent most of Saturday.  Sunday, I had planned to get the outer border added to my cousin’s quilt, along with getting some more work done in the entryway.  Well, I forgot that I still needed to cut the yardage needed and prewash & iron it.  So, I managed to get it washed Sunday, but that’s as far as I got with that.  I also threw in the fabrics I pulled for the fall wallhanging, that needed washing.  Saturday night, I completed that last of the Starry Log Cabin blocks.  I pressed them, and began assembling it.  This is what I have so far.starrylog1.JPG

It’s really going together much better than I anticipated.  This is NOT my finest piecing effort, and I was afraid the stars were going to be way wonky.  Not too bad, though…


I think I will really love this quilt when it’s done.  It is going to have that old fashioned quilt feeling to it, very comforting.  I am pressing the seams open to eliminate some of the bulkiness in the stars.  Hopefully that will help with the quilting, which will probably be an allover of some sort.

Tonight, after work, I got the border fabric pressed and ready to start cutting borders for my cousin’s quilt, and I hope to have them sewn on and that quilt top completed no later than the end of this coming weekend.  I know I won’t get anymore work done on it tonight.  I am tired.  I am waiting on the pizza to get here 🙂 I really need to get this quilt finished, though.  My cousin and her husband are sooooo excited about it.  I hope that it lives up to their expectations.  I can’t wait to get the finished product to them.  She is about 13 years younger than I am, and I helped my aunt with her some when she was a baby.  I am very fond of her. I just wish I got to see them more often. 

Here is my poor little Lulu, who I think, I hope, may be starting to feel a little better.

poorlulu.JPG Mmmm…she got to take her antibiotic in a bite of pizza tonight.

9 thoughts on “Starry Log Cabin and Stuff

  1. The star log cabin looks great! If you don’t want to send it to Vicki…I’ll take it lol!!

    Glad Lulu is beginning to feel better.

    And it sounds to me like you got plenty done!


  2. Forget Vicki and Deb, send it to me!! I’ll send coffee!! And tomatoes for Bun Bun 😀 It looks good!! Hope Lulu continues to improve!! Too bad you can’t sneak her into work with you!!


  3. If you decide you don’t like it, with that color scheme, it would be a perfect birthday quilt for someone born on the 4th of July! 😀 I really like what you have there.
    Lulu looks so cute in her little sweater. My little dog had allergies also. Summer time was terrible for her. 3″ legs and allergic to grass!


  4. I love that log cabin Randi. I live in Williford, Ar if your cousin don’t want it. Lulu looks sad. Hope she is feeling better.


  5. i can’t get over how quickly you’ve gotten that one done. seems like i blinked and your count down was at zero! wtg! looks great.


  6. Your starry log cabin is really nice. I too like the country look it has and yes it will be a very comforting quilt. Allover design………………… about stars and loop de loops. I can’t wait to see the photos of the finished quilt.


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