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Blog, blog, blog…

First, thanks to those who sent comments of concern & encouragement.  I am feeling better.  Man, I sure do hate to waste a whole three day weekend, though.  But, this week on my lunch breaks, and after work, I’ve managed to do some sewing on Daddy’s log cabin quilt.  I’m likin’ it….

A little more fun from around the yard…look at this eenstie teenstie weentsie mushroom I found growing on my Russian Olive tree…there are several of these.

Some tiny insect eggs on the same tree.

Praying mantis egg, same tree

An older praying mantis egg.

Don’t know what this is…It looks like hair from the cat, but it looks as if something has formed it into this perfect little sphere.

I just love this old tree.  The bark is so beautiful…what great texture…and it’s full of all kinds of hidden little surprises when you take the time to look.

And a beautiful thunderstorm.


8 thoughts on “Blog, blog, blog…

  1. Glad you are feeling better! Dad’s quilt is going to be beautiful!! I have no idea if my praying mantis eggs hatched. Is there a way to tell?


  2. Randi, glad to see you feeling well enough to update your blog. 🙂 Good for you on the quilt and your tree is a treasure trove of nature’s surprises.


  3. I am glad that you made it through the week. I loved the stroll trough your back yard, the pictures are great!


  4. Are we feeling better today. 🙂
    Love those photographs, Randi. The sky looks absolutely gorgeous there!


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