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A Week of Ups & Downs

First the ups…I posted about my Mother’s Day gift certificate from my son.  My DH also gave me a card with a bit of cash tucked inside, and told me to have fun spending it.  Oh, and the card whistles when you open it.  My purchase arrived yesterday.  I am starting to mull over quilting ideas for my Storm at Sea top, and my selection of Rainbows thread is seriously lacking…almost nonexisant.  It now has a bit more variety. 🙂

Sunday evening, my youngest stepdaughter called to wish me happy Mother’s Day.  That was a very nice and most welcome surprise.

Monday, a card arrived from my oldest stepdaughter and her family.  This card sings Tina Turner’s “You’re Simply the Best”.  That brought a smile to my heart.  And today, DS surprised me with some flowers, which I would have thought had something to do with him getting in trouble over his grades this week, (one of the downs of the week)  except he had it planned before that happened, and my husband could vouch for that.

Another up, was that I finished the commissioned quilt I’ve been working on, and my customers were very happy.  No pics, it’s a graduation surprise for the recipient.

Another downer is that I have to make another trip for that criminal trial, and it’s next week.  It’s bad timing, as I already had a full load on my plate next week, but I’m also ready to get it over with.  So, added to the other stuff I had going on next week, means that I will be on the road, traveling somewhere, everyday next week, except for Tuesday.  I’m ready for it to be next Saturday already.  Then it will be in my rearview mirror. 

I saw my massage therapist today.  She usually doesn’t work on Saturday, but she had to rearrange her schedule this week.  She is wonderful, and I really feel better after a session. 

The NASCAR Allstar race is now on, and already two cautions.  Guess I’ll close this up and go watch!