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Just Popping In For Minute

Not much time for a substantial blog today.  Thanks for all the good thoughts  about my trip.  I will say it wasn’t a pleasant trip, and it was a huge waste of time.  The hotel the DA’s office recommended was, let’s just say, a little “rough”.  Glad my husband went with me.  And glad there was a Family Dollar store still open so we could purchase a couple of clean blankets to sleep under.  The criminal defendant that I was testifying against, did not even show up.  Yea.  Very aggravating.  Probably means I’ll be making the trip all over again in the near future.  Damn.  If I do, I will not stay there again, but will stop in Lubbock, which is only a little over an hour from there, and just get up earlier so I can get to court on time. 

And have you all noticed the new little avatars that WordPress is using for those that don’t have their own avatars?  They look like quilt blocks! How cool is that?! 

I think today my family and I will go to Pampa and spend the day with my parents.  We will celebrate Mother’s Day a day early.  Have a great Saturday!