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A Friday Finish (almost)

I finished the quilting on the vintage top I’ve been working on…or so I thought.  I am not frogging the crosshatching, except for the state of Maine.  When I was reviewing the pics, I noticed the crosshatching on it was way off.  Then, I noticed that I failed to finish one of the flowers! It’s located by the state of Georgia…so I’ll be pinning it back on to finish that up and restitch the crosshatching on Maine.  Glad I noticed those before I called my customer to come pick it up! 

A bit of the back:

This is a little goodie I bought myself today.  I saw it and just couldn’t resist.  Maybe one of these days, I will do what it says!  Be sure to click on these pics to make them bigger and get a good look at it.

13 thoughts on “A Friday Finish (almost)

  1. The quilting is gorgeous. And that little goody? Way cool! where did you find it?


    For Gayle, Jan & anyone else that might want to find one for themselves, 😉 I found it at Hallmark.


  2. Once again you have quilted a masterpiece! Love the heart and hope to find one at my Hallmark. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Randi, the quilt turned out wonderful.

    I love the heart’s whimsical look along with the verse on it, thanks for the head’s up on where it might be found.


  4. I’m really glad you left the crosshatching. It really looks just fine – if it is a teeny bit off in places that just adds to the charm. Love the way you did the yellow border pieces too. Your customer should be thrilled!


  5. Randi, this is stunning! I’m sure she’ll be thrilled with it! I need to get my behind in gear and start practicing on my HQ16. The sooner I do the sooner I can have something that looks beautiful too! By the way, where are you finding your patterns, or do you freehand each block? Your blocks look so much like each other I have a hard time thinking you can freehand so many blocks the same. Any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated. I have no one to get tips from! Thanks ~ Wendy

    Wendy, I sent you an email answering your questions…let me know if you didn’t get it, and I will answer them here.


  6. Wow Randi! The crosshatching looks great– it really sets off the freehand motifs you did. I’ll bet the customer is thrilled! Hey– I think you deserve the goody reward for finishing up a 60 yr old UFO!!


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