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Met My Monday Goals

Quilting goals that is.  I’m lucky to get any quilting done on Mondays, but I’m trying hard to made good progess on the current customer jobs I have.  During my lunch break from my day job, I managed to get the binding sewn to the front of the commissioned quilt I’m making.  Now the handstitching can begin while I’m watching TV tonight.  Right after work, I finished up a row on the customer top I’m quilting.  It’s the 60 yr. old top I have previously posted.  If, and that’s a big if, I can finish up a row a day, between my lunch break and right after work, I can have this one done by the weekend.  Unless, I decide it needs some frogging once I get it off the machine.  This weekend, I crosshatched the 48 painted flower blocks.  I wasn’t thinking about the fact that the blocks don’t all match up perfectly, and they range in size from 8.5 to 9 inches on the sides.  Soooo,  I’m not sure crosshatching was the right choice, and it’s not perfect, but I’m hoping once it’s off the machine, it will look ok.  If you hear screaming, it’s probably me thinking about frogging 48 blocks of crosshatching.  What a nightmare that would be.  Here’s some peeks at what I have so far.

The customer had drawn flowers in the yellow blocks with pencil, and intended to hand quilt this.  I’m using a fabric eraser to lighten the marks as much as I can, then I’m trying to quilt over them as closely as I can, adding some embellishments of my own.

Here’s a shot of the back:


Can you see what I’m worried about in the last pic?  Maybe I won’t have to frog ALL of it…maybe I can just make a few rows a bit better.  Live and learn…

16 thoughts on “Met My Monday Goals

  1. Randi – you’re doing a beautiful job on this. Love the flowers and feathers. I do see the problem, but do you think when it is off the quilt, it will relax enough not to show too much?

    I sure hope so, but I have a bad feeling…it looked fine one block at a time, and from the vantage point of my stitching. It was when I walked to the end and looked down it, and I suppose it will be the same way across, too. I’m praying for a quilting miracle.


  2. Beautiful, Randi!!! I’m on the “I think it will relax once it’s off the machine” group too! And let it relax before you make any movement towards it with the seam ripper!


  3. Randi, it looks awesome… Now, repeat after me: “I will not frog that crosshatching!” I mean it… this is a top that is very old, and altho it is nicely done, you yourself stated that the blocks varied in size, so I think that you can give yourself a break… even if you frogged those rows and re did them, they might never line up! And frogging old fabric is not the best thing for it. Your customer will not measure your spacing or lie the quilt on a table and scrutinize it. She will lay it on a bed and be THRILLED to have it quilted, usable, and beautiful! JMHO


  4. Randi, It is really pretty. I am voting for not frogging, at least until the whole lot is done. Look at it front on when the whole quilt is finished and then, and only then, frog the lines that need it. I think it will be fine. Really. You are looking at this with the perfectly parallel bars for comparison, but it will look different when you view the quilt as a whole. Listen to 2L, she has some good points there too.


  5. It looks wonderful. Do not frog! Take it off and walk away. You probably won’t even notice the “problem” (which I don’t even see!) It is beautiful!!


  6. Step away from the seam ripper Randi! Michelle, gave you some exellent advise. No one but you will ever know that your lines aren’t perfect but neither is the quilt top and your quilting is beautiful. I love the motifs you are doing, they are wonderful. Your customer will be thrilled at how it looks.


  7. I think the quilting is lovely and am eager to hear how you find the stitching once you remove the quilt from the machine. I enjoyed seeing the photos!


  8. Oh I think it is lovely. From a long-arm wannabe, I’m totally enthralled.

    Question for you…….. when you do the cross-hatching do you have to stop and start at the ends of each line? Can’t imagine having to snip all of those threads.


    Nancy, you “bounce” from one point to another, going in the ditch between points if you hit a spot where you can’t “bounce”. Clear as mud?


  9. Definitely you should frog, Randi… I agree with you 125% !

    ha ha ha

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Silly girl ~ the quilt looks beautiful. The top has a very ‘vintage’ look to it. You’ve done a wonderful job on this old top. I know the owner will be delighted when she sees it completed. Is she putting a label on the back? The quilt really is an heirloom now, isn’t it?
    Very, very nice, Randi. Congratulations.


  10. Wow, Randi! It is really beautiful and I agree with the others – when it is off the frame and relaxed and you don’t have the bars to compare your lines with it should look just wonderful. NO FROGGING!!! Your design choices and your beautiful stitching really make this quilt a winner!


  11. I think if you frog ANY of this, we will ALL arrive at your house to remove the seam ripper PERMANENTLY! It is gorgeous! Repeat after me: Creativity is NOT perfectly symmetrical or even…it is CREATIVE! I love seeing your work. I’m anxious to get my HQ16 up and running and try a bit of machine quilting of my own.


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