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Thursday Thumping

Kay does Thursday Thumpers. I have one today.  Frogging.  Yup, I’m frogging a whole row of stitching…a 91″ row of a panto by Dave Hudson that has cowboy boots & hats.  I had thread troubles.  Looked great on top, but apparently my machine does not like Lava thread in the bobbin, as it looked like it puked little blobs of it out intermittently on the back of the quilt.  Damn!  I hate frogging…hate, hate, hate it.  It’s on the commissioned quilt I’m making.  It will be ok, I just really hate frogging, THUMP, THUMP!

Now then, enough of that unpleasantness.  Congratulations are in order for my friend Ronda!! She won Best of Show at MQX! And Best Machine Quilting/Stand Up! Way to go, Ronda…I am so happy for you.  Her quilt is called Essence, and it is amazing. 

And here is a little treat for you, before I go back to frogging.  This is the quilt I have up in line next.  It’s the 60 yr. old top that my customer brought me this week.  I was hoping I would get to quilt it for her.  The only thing I’m worried about are the pencil marks.  She said to just ignore them and quilt it however I want, and if she can’t get them out she will just live with them.  I did order a fabric eraser, to see if I can at least lighten them some.  Anyway, here are some pics.