A Successful Delivery!

My cousin called last night.  Their quilt arrived in Laramie, Wyoming, safe & sound.  They LOVE it! She said it is just beautiful on their bed.  My Mom talked to my aunt last night, also, and she told my mom that my cousin told her that “it is just so much more than they ever imagined it would be”. That is exactly what I wanted to hear.  What a great feeling.  She had wanted shams, too, but I told her I wanted to wait on them til she saw the quilt on her bed, and then she can decide if she still wants them.  If so, I have plenty of fabric left and can do them later.

I have two rows and a bit of fill-in on the bottom edge left to go on my starry log cabin, and it will  be completely quilted.  I will have that finished up here in a bit. 

I woke up up right around 2:30 this morning, just like Judy, to the sound of ice hitting the bedroom window, then a loud clap of thunder, which prompted me right up out of bed to unplug my longarm and my sewing machine.  It is currently 20 degrees outside, with a windchill of 11.  A good day to stay in and quilt!

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