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I want some chickens!

Unfortunately, due to city ordinances, I can’t have chickens.  I don’t want a huge flock of chickens, mind you.  Maybe five or six at the most.  Just two to start with, then add a couple more in a year or two, so that the peak egg laying years are spread out among them.  As I’m sure, when they are past the egg laying prime of their chickie lives, I will NOT be able to eat them. I even researched which breeds were well suited to a small backyard flock, most docile, and easiest to handle, etc.  I even had names running through my head for them…Ruby, Maude, Mable, Darcy, Fancy….Yes, I realize chickens require some effort.  I know you don’t just throw them back there in a pen and be done with it.  I have a rabbit, and they require much of the same type attention.  Yes, sometimes it can be a pain or inconvenience, but I enjoy the caretaking responsibilities that come along with my animals.  It gives me a deep sense of satisfaction that I can’t really explain.  Like it feels a void or basic need in me.  I was hoping that maybe there were some minor restrictions, like no crowing roosters, or not over “x” amount.  Actually, I was told I could do it, but IF a neighbor complains, you have 24 hours to get rid of them.  I love fresh eggs, and have a local source I buy them from, but I thought it would be so enjoyable to have a small flock of my own.  I thought about approaching my neighbors to see if they would mind, and offering to bribe them with fresh eggs, but I guess I will just let it go, and dream of the day when I can find the perfect place to live, where I can have a few chickens of my own.  In the meantime, I don’t think Lulu cares for my attempt at disguising her as a Plymouth Rock hen  🙂


Enjoy your Saturday!