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Others have been showing theirs, so I will show you mine.  My stash!


This would be why I’m taking Judy L. up on her challenge to use the stash.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love my stash.  I don’t want to not have a stash, but I bought these fabrics to use.  I feel badly that they are just laying around on these shelves doing nothing.  I want them to be in pretty quilts.  One reason I like to have so much on hand is because I live in a small town without a fabric store.  I like being able to “shop” in my closet when I need something, and maybe not have to wait for a fabric to arrive in the mail, or until I can make a trip to a store. I don’t think I need to keep adding to this hoard of fabric until I move some of it off the shelves and into quilts! I have discovered, though, that I do need more of certain colors that I tend to gravitate toward.  And creams and tans and whites…those always seem to be in short supply in my stash. I think that this will help me to make wiser choices when I do decide to do some stash enhancing, rather than busting.  🙂