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Others have been showing theirs, so I will show you mine.  My stash!


This would be why I’m taking Judy L. up on her challenge to use the stash.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love my stash.  I don’t want to not have a stash, but I bought these fabrics to use.  I feel badly that they are just laying around on these shelves doing nothing.  I want them to be in pretty quilts.  One reason I like to have so much on hand is because I live in a small town without a fabric store.  I like being able to “shop” in my closet when I need something, and maybe not have to wait for a fabric to arrive in the mail, or until I can make a trip to a store. I don’t think I need to keep adding to this hoard of fabric until I move some of it off the shelves and into quilts! I have discovered, though, that I do need more of certain colors that I tend to gravitate toward.  And creams and tans and whites…those always seem to be in short supply in my stash. I think that this will help me to make wiser choices when I do decide to do some stash enhancing, rather than busting.  🙂

14 thoughts on “Exposed

  1. Everyone who wants to go shopping in Randi’s closet, raise your hands!! ME ME ME!!!! 😀 But seriously, you are right, organizing it and knowing what you have and what you need do help in managing it. I’d never want to be completely with out it.


  2. I am so glad I am not alone, my Mom swears I have a mini quilt shop in my sewing room… I have the stash and alot of the creams and whites but no time to get something done, thanks for sharing and proving that we are not alone in our obsession…


  3. Randi, what a yummy stash!! Oh… one day I shall be as organized as you… NOT! LOL Oh well, a girl can dream…

    Love your stash and I love how you put them on the quilt store cardboard. Or, are those BOLTs of fabric?? LOL


  4. Thanks heavens I’m not alone. Ddid you know if you remove the cardboard forms you can get at least 6 times more fabric on those shelves (grin), don’t ask me how I know this……….


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