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Sunday Stash Busting Report

This week I have not bought any new fabric.

I have continued to work on finishing the binding on starry log cabin.

I completed the center of courthouse steps.


I drug out my scrap bin.  What a disaster.


I began sifting through this mess and pulled out everthing fat quarter size & larger, and am moving it back to the fabric shelves in my fabric closet.  The rest, I am starting to cut down into sizes recommended by Bonnie Hunter. I am trying to do the leaders/enders thing she has on her site.  I hope to end up with an Oklahoma Backroads quilt one of these days from doing this.  I’ve seen Wendy make a beautiful quilt with her leaders & enders. Maybe I can do it, too. Here is my start at cutting this fabric up, and my first leaders/enders.


Here is the cutting pile. Will I have the fortitude to stick it out?


Now then, if you are reading this post on a site called Ester’s Sewing Blog, you are reading stolen information that has been copied and posted without my permission! Yes, I have now been added to the list of blog scraping or blog plagiarism victims.  So have several of you.  Be sure to check your incoming links.

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Pumpkin Bread – Round 2

What? I baked two days in a row! That like never happens.  And while yesterday’s batch is tasty, it is not the pumpkin bread of my dreams.  But the recipe, for Lynn, is the one from my old Betty Crocker cookbook, and can be found here, http://www.bettycrocker.com/Recipes/Recipe.aspx?recipeId=35695.  However, in my old cookbook, they used 2/3 cup shortening instead of oil. 

Today, I tried another recipe, found in a cookbook that was put together by my church for a fundraiser.  Again, it’s good, and it makes the house smell yummy delicious, but once again, not the pumpkin bread I’m dreaming of having.


I’m also playing around with a fun project I found on Karyn’s blog. I found her blog through Kelli’s blog, which I found through Ruthann’s blog, which was posted on Judy’s blog. 🙂 These are all wonderful blogs, full of inspiration, and worth a visit.  You might want to make yourself a cup of tea beforehand. Anyway, back to the project in progress.  These are so much fun…almost addicting, so many different possibilities. Thanks for sharing it, Karyn.


So what, you are wondering, is the pumpkin bread of my dreams?  My Mom’s!! And she is supposed to be copying the recipe for me. 🙂

Now I need to get back to something quilty.  I’ve been working on chopping up scrap pieces, according to Bonnie Hunter’s system.  More on that in my Sunday Stashbuster report later on today.