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WIP Wednesday

I started the quilting on my Starry Log Cabin.  I’m using Hermione Agee’s (Lorien Quilting) Fantasia panto.  Let me tell ya, I am LOVING this one.  I’m so excited about how pretty it is stitching up.  Here’s some sneak peeks…it’ll be a few days before I have it finished.  I only have four rows done, it’s an  eleven inch panto, my top is 115″, so I have a ways to go yet. (yes, I’m sure that’s not “proper” English, but it’s how I talk…so if I want to write that way, too, I can, it’s MY blog 🙂 Call it creative license!) Anyway, I digress…back to the pics!


I’ve also made some more progress on my courthouse steps blocks some on my lunch breaks.  I mailed my cousin’s quilt today, and said prayers that it makes it to them safely. That was hard to do, let it go off like that without me along to protect it. I’ll be so glad when I get a call that it made it!  And that wraps up my Wednesday report. Have a great rest of the week!