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Oh Santa Baby, I Love You!!

My husband made me cry…like a little girl…I got cooking pots! And a wok! From Pampered Chef!


Ok, so if you are thinking “I would cry if I got cooking pots for Christmas, too”, and you mean that in a not so good way…let show you my old cooking pots.


This is like Extreme Makeover Cookware edition.  I am 41 yrs. old and I have never had my very own, brand new to me, cookware.  Now I do.  My old ones are a hodgepodge of hand me downs from my Mom.  I made mention one day to my hubby, after looking at a Pampered Chef catalog, at my hairstylist’s shop, (he was having a book party) that they had some nice cook pots.  I said I’ve never had any nice cook pots.  He asked if I got any…I said no, they are expensive.  And that was the end of that conversation.  Well, DH called our hairstylist and told him that he needed to know about these cookpots I saw when I was at his shop.  Yep, I’m really, really proud of my cookpots.  And I’m really proud of him, too.

Santa Baby also got me this platter I fell in love with, at a local Christian bookstore. He said it’s the only chicken I’ll be getting this year…lol!


My parents came this morning and just left about an hour ago.  In fact Mom just called to let me know they are almost back to their house.  We had a great time, and since I have DH’s Christmas present quilt still loaded on the longarm, I actually got to show them how it works.  They have seen it before, but I’ve never had anything on that I could actually quilt in front of them. 

Hmmm…maybe I should mention before Christmas next year, that I’ve never had a really nice mixer…. 😉