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Sunday Report Time!

I cannot start this post with “I did not buy any new fabric”.  I did buy new fabric.  Yesterday, on a trip to Pampa, the LQS was having one of it’s two annual 40% off all fabric in the store sales.  I didn’t, however, start buying willie nillie, like a chicken with my head cut off.  I needed more neutrals in my stash, so I went straight to the neutral section and picked some out.  I also bought some thread.  I’m ok with this purchase…no feeling guilty at all. 


Stash use and project progresses or completions were:

I finished this lap extra long lap quilt I made for my son, earlier this year, by making the binding and machine stitching it onto the quilt (which you can see in the second pic that I’m not that good at doing), and I added a very “professionally” done label 😉  Yes, that is sharpie written directly on the back of the quilt.  This is a use me/abuse me quilt.  I hope he wears it completely out one of these days.



I finished the quilting (if you can call it that) on Greg’s quilt.  Prepare yourself, this may hurt your eyes…I give myself an “F” on the quilting.  I was completely uninspired when I began quilting this one…to borrow Carla’s term…my “artistic harmony” was nowhere to be found.  Anyway, done is good in this case.  One positive that came from it, is that I was finally starting to get good at the “swirly” border! I even successfully turned the corners with it.  Other than that, I really can’t say what I was thinking…



And lastly, I started working on this Eleanor Burns project.  So far, I have used 10.5 yards from my stash! When I’m done, I will have not one, but two new king size quilts for my bed. You can also see part of my leaders & enders in the left bottom corner of the second photo.



I think that wraps up the quilting portion of my Sunday Report. However, I have some other “stash enhancing” to report.  Though I did ok, I think, with the fabric purchasing at the quilt shop, Walmart is where I went a little stupid…lol.


I’ve been wishing for something else to work on at night, when I’m not working on a binding, or when I need something a little more portable, so I’m giving knitting another whirl.  Yes, that’s right, I said another whirl.  Hopefully, this time, I will have something better to show for my efforts than this “beautiful” afghan I made in college 🙂  I do remember feeling quite proud of myself at the time.


So, now that I’ve horrified you with crazy bad quilting and crazy wild knitting all in one post, I hope that won’t scare you from coming back to visit me again. With that, I conclude my Sunday report!