No, Not Again

I had planned to work on a Meme post I’ve been tagged for, and that was going to be my post today.  But just a bit ago, I learned more heartbreaking news.  Once again, one of our online “family” members has been hit with a horrible tragedy.  Please keep our Dear Gina in your prayers, as her son James was killed in a car accident last night, and her son Kelly, who was with him, is in ICU.

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You Make My Day

Can you see the little pic?  When I first posted, the little award pic was showing up, now all I’m seeing is the little red x box.  What do you see? 

Thank you, Deb, for giving me the “You Make My Day Award”! You definitely make my day, too! I am thrilled to pass it on to some other bloggers I enjoy.  Deb & I obviously have a lot in common, because several on her award list would be on mine, too, so that leaves me with more choices.  I want to pass it on to Jan, Diane, Lynn, Freda, Kay, Jan T, KarenSusan, Teresa & Terri. Thanks guys, for making my blogging world a better place!

The awards rules are to: Give the award to up to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel so happy about blogland! Let them know by posting a comment on their blog so that they can pass it on. Beware! You may get the award several times!

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Heartbroken and Helpless

That is how I feel today.  Heartbroken for our dear Ronda.  Helpless, because you wish there were something you could do for this to be better, but there is nothing that can do that.  The pain I feel for her in my own heart is enormous, yet I know that it can’t possibly compare with her pain.  All I can do right now is pray.  Pray and cry.  I know that I am not alone in that.  Ronda, I wish we could take away your pain and loneliness.

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I want some chickens!

Unfortunately, due to city ordinances, I can’t have chickens.  I don’t want a huge flock of chickens, mind you.  Maybe five or six at the most.  Just two to start with, then add a couple more in a year or two, so that the peak egg laying years are spread out among them.  As I’m sure, when they are past the egg laying prime of their chickie lives, I will NOT be able to eat them. I even researched which breeds were well suited to a small backyard flock, most docile, and easiest to handle, etc.  I even had names running through my head for them…Ruby, Maude, Mable, Darcy, Fancy….Yes, I realize chickens require some effort.  I know you don’t just throw them back there in a pen and be done with it.  I have a rabbit, and they require much of the same type attention.  Yes, sometimes it can be a pain or inconvenience, but I enjoy the caretaking responsibilities that come along with my animals.  It gives me a deep sense of satisfaction that I can’t really explain.  Like it feels a void or basic need in me.  I was hoping that maybe there were some minor restrictions, like no crowing roosters, or not over “x” amount.  Actually, I was told I could do it, but IF a neighbor complains, you have 24 hours to get rid of them.  I love fresh eggs, and have a local source I buy them from, but I thought it would be so enjoyable to have a small flock of my own.  I thought about approaching my neighbors to see if they would mind, and offering to bribe them with fresh eggs, but I guess I will just let it go, and dream of the day when I can find the perfect place to live, where I can have a few chickens of my own.  In the meantime, I don’t think Lulu cares for my attempt at disguising her as a Plymouth Rock hen  🙂


Enjoy your Saturday!

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Time’s Up! And the winner is…..


Congratulations Deb Levy! Email me your snail mail, and I will be sending you your fabric prize.  I chose five of my favorite “blender” fabrics from my stash and cut one yard pieces from each.


Thank you to all of the 22 entries in my blog contest! I wish I could send you all a prize.  I will have to think of more reasons for future contests!

Notice that I used my newly made basket to hold your names!


I think it’s not too bad for a first try, though I’m not convinced I’m finished with it just yet.  I think it needs some kind of handles added.  I hope to get a few smaller ones made up for some handmade Christmas gifts this year.

I haven’t signed up to be an official PIF participant, (the Pay It Forward movement that is going around on many of the blogs) simply because I have so many obligations to meet in my life already, that I didn’t want to sign up, fail, and feel badly.  However, I intend to unofficially participate, and look for ways to bless others with my handiwork.  I just don’t want it to feel like another thing I “have” to get done.  I hope that doesn’t sound terrible, I’m just being honest.  Most days I’m already stretched about as thin as I can go, as I know most of you are, too.  I really admire those of you that find ways to handle it all, and still find time and energy to give so much of yourselves. 

I am also happy to report that my stepdaughter is going home from the hospital as I type! She had her surgery Thursday and all went well.  The doctor didn’t see anything that looks suspicious, but we won’t have the official report til next week.  That is such a huge relief! I just wish she didn’t have to go through the discomfort that follows.  She is such a special young woman and I love her very much! Thank you for your prayers for her.

Have a wonderful Saturday!

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TADA!!! 10,000 Hits!

Ok, I promised a contest on my blog when I reached 10,000 hits.  That magic number just popped up in my stats! So, here is what I am going to do to celebrate all my fun friends in blogland.  Everyone that comments on THIS post will be entered into a drawing.  The prize will be FABRIC!!! I will raid my stash for a nice selection to send to the lucky winner.  I can’t believe I have faithful readers, but I do, and I appreciate you!  I enjoy sharing with y’all and reading up on your blogs.  Thanks for coming to visit me!

I will keep the the contest open til noon on Saturday to give everyone a chance to pop in and not miss out on the fun!  Good luck!

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Wheat in the Street

This year has brought a bumper crop of wheat.  So much wheat, that they blocked off this small side street in my town, and filled it with wheat.  I thought it looked so pretty, I had to share it with you.

000_4683.jpg 000_4677.jpg

Today, I finished that customer panto.  Here is a small section of the back.  It’s Dave Hudson’s 14″ Bears in the Woods Meandering panto.  Boy does it ever meander.

000_4647.jpg The front was a very busy, scrappy squares & rectangles.  As far as fabrics, there was a little bit of everything.  It actually turned out pretty cute.

Tonight, I leave you with more pics from the things that caught my eye in my yard.  Moss Rose …I love this stuff!

000_4499.jpg       000_4500.jpg