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Wheat in the Street

This year has brought a bumper crop of wheat.  So much wheat, that they blocked off this small side street in my town, and filled it with wheat.  I thought it looked so pretty, I had to share it with you.

000_4683.jpg 000_4677.jpg

Today, I finished that customer panto.  Here is a small section of the back.  It’s Dave Hudson’s 14″ Bears in the Woods Meandering panto.  Boy does it ever meander.

000_4647.jpg The front was a very busy, scrappy squares & rectangles.  As far as fabrics, there was a little bit of everything.  It actually turned out pretty cute.

Tonight, I leave you with more pics from the things that caught my eye in my yard.  Moss Rose …I love this stuff!

000_4499.jpg       000_4500.jpg 



5 thoughts on “Wheat in the Street

  1. The moss roses are great, sure wish I could grow them instead of killing them. I just don’t have luck with them. The quilt looks great, perfect for a guy.


  2. Randi that looks like what we call Portulaca? What’s the difference, do you know? Mine didn’t come back this year, so I’ll have to replant again next.

    The wheat has such pretty color and texture, makes me think of a fall sweater, or a piece of suede!


  3. I have never seen that particular kind of flower. Very pretty!! Love the wheat pic… quick! You could go grind yourself some fresh flour 😉 And the quilting is great!


  4. Judy, you are correct…Portulaca…and I had the nickname wrong…it’s just known as moss rose, not Rose of Sharon Moss…not sure where I got that from…lol.


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