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Golf Tournament Day One

Well, we have today’s golf tournament behind us.  Bless his heart, DS did NOT do well today.  But he kept his chin up and finished, and ended with a birdie.  He did finally start playing well, but he started off so poorly, there was no recovering from it.  Strangely, most of the other boys we know didn’t do well today, either, compared to how they usually play.  We are staying here at my parents.  DS’s good friend, who is also playing in these two tournies, is staying here, as well.  His day was even worse.  They posted 86 & 88, respectively.  They are now happily playing video games and relaxing.  Mom & I are just about to hit the local fabric store!  No, I don’t need any new fabric, said I wasn’t  going to buy anymore, but we’ll see.  I might need a small dose, you know, for medicinal purposes.  🙂  I’ll let you know later if I was good, or bad.