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Golf Tournament Day One

Well, we have today’s golf tournament behind us.  Bless his heart, DS did NOT do well today.  But he kept his chin up and finished, and ended with a birdie.  He did finally start playing well, but he started off so poorly, there was no recovering from it.  Strangely, most of the other boys we know didn’t do well today, either, compared to how they usually play.  We are staying here at my parents.  DS’s good friend, who is also playing in these two tournies, is staying here, as well.  His day was even worse.  They posted 86 & 88, respectively.  They are now happily playing video games and relaxing.  Mom & I are just about to hit the local fabric store!  No, I don’t need any new fabric, said I wasn’t  going to buy anymore, but we’ll see.  I might need a small dose, you know, for medicinal purposes.  🙂  I’ll let you know later if I was good, or bad.

9 thoughts on “Golf Tournament Day One

  1. So uhm… I hope you buy tons of fabric… I just can’t figure out if that makes you good …. bad…. or just fun! 😉


  2. Buy, buy, buy more fabric…..

    Oh, that wasn’t too subliminal, now was it?

    Hmmm, well buy I buy guess buy it buy really buy isn’t buy any buy of buy my buy business buy but buy I buy was buy just buy thinking buy of more your fabric wellbeing……


    Always kindly thinking of others…….sigh………(buy more fabric)



    Well, my Mommy bought me just about 15 yds of beautiful batiks…3 yds each of 5 different ones…but 2 of them were just a smidge shy of 3 yds left on the bolt. Yummy…I’ll post a pic when I’m back home again.


  4. Oh dang, Randi! Will mommy adopt me? LOL. I’m sorry that your son didn’t do so well. Collin’s team got whooped at the baseball tourney too. At least they can cheer up with a friend and video games. We can turn to wine and fabric! Yippee!!


  5. you must have been VERY good if your mom bought you 15 yards of batiks! very good and very lucky to have such a mom 🙂


  6. Of course I am good…LOL! I used to feel bad when Mom would do stuff like that, but she has made it clear, that now she understands what her mother meant when she used to say it was so much more fun to buy for her kids, than for herself. She enjoys it, it makes her happy, so now I just accept it happily, and enjoy it, too. A lady that was checking us out at Dunlaps, where Mom was buying me more goodies, said the same thing, and that now her mom is gone, and how much she misses those times. She told me to enjoy it, too. I think with Mom, it’s partly because she didn’t get to spend a lot on my brother & I while we were growing up. She & Daddy are very frugal, and that, plus some other good planning, has put them in a very comfy position in their senior years. It’s good to be spoilt! 😉


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