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More Caterpillar News

I’ve been keeping an eye on the caterpillars outside, and they seem to be doing just fine this time.  In fact, I felt like they were growing faster than the ones indoors.  I did get to see one of the ones I had inside shed it’s skin, right in front of me!  How neat!  Anyway, one by one, I moved the little guys back outside.  Took a couple of days, as I didn’t want to handle them, as that can be damaging to them.  I had to hold the stems they were on next to the dill outside, til they crawled onto it themselves.  They all seem to be thriving. 

These are ones that were indoors for awhile.  One of these is the one that molted in front of me.  See the little one, too?  It was just a tiny little black worm a couple of days ago.  They grow so fast.


These are ones that I left outside.

000_4703.jpg Man, they really love that dill!000_4705.jpg

I had planned on posting a bit more of my photos I took in the yard the other night, but I am so exhausted, and I have to pack after we eat dinner.  So the caterpillar update will be it as far as pics for a few days.  We are grilling burgers tonight.  Derek & I will be leaving after work tomorrow, to spend some time with my parents, and for Derek to play in a couple golf tournaments while we are there.  He plays Thursday and Friday.  DH will come join us at Mom & Dad’s on Saturday, where will be having a birthday party!  This Sunday, the 22nd, some sweet boy I know will be turning Sweet 16!  How can that be already? 

9 thoughts on “More Caterpillar News

  1. Well actually…I’ve been mulling an idea over in my head…just not sure I have what it takes to pull it off…but maybe one of these days….

    And thanks, ’cause I really needed that smile right now.


  2. Oh!! I love them!! And I’m going out side to plant more dill right now!!! 😉 Have a wonderful trip! And enjoy that milestone birthday. I still haven’t figured out how you have a son older than you are 😉


  3. Randi, it is fun to see your caterpillars….and I hope you do come up with a quilt design with them as a part of it.

    I enjoy your new blog.


  4. Love seeing your new babies growing and thriving!

    Give that sweet 16er a hug from your quilty friends out in cyber space!!

    Hope you can relax and rejuvinate while at your Mom and Dad’s. I think we all could use a vacation right about now.


  5. Your caterpillars are very cool. I love their patterns.

    Sweet 16. Do you call it that when it’s a boy?

    Mine are 8, and I am SO not looking forward to them being teenagers……


  6. LOL, Suzanne! I don’t really know if that’s the appropriate term for a male child or not, but he is a sweetie, if I say so myself, and he will be 16 🙂


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