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Just Another Day

Well, today could be interesting…but let’s hope not.  I just checked the weather forecast, and we are in for possible severe thunderstorms with possible large hail.  DH & I own the local glass & garage door shop.  He is already so busy, and we can’t seem to keep good workers.  The local oilfield industry is booming again, and we can’t compete with the wages they pay.  I am just trying to get myself together to get to work this morning.  I am so tired, and my shoulder, and various other bones are just so achy today.  I really do think that I have fybromyalgia, though I haven’t been officially diagnosed.  This week has been a tough week, physically, but I’m pushing through.

For those that are, and have been, regular readers of my first blog…be looking for more caterpillar updates in the upcoming days.

On the subject of quilting, I got the binding and tag sewn to the blue & yellow log cabin, and have almost one side stiched down, by hand, on the back.  I think I will make it by Monday!  Actually, it needs to be a little sooner, as I want to give them both a wash before delivering them to my friend.  I’m going to have a hard  time parting with the blue & yellow one, but what will I do with a baby quilt?  Then the next thing to check off my “must get to and get done” list, is a customer top.  Need to get that quilted up, a panto, and delivered back to it’s owner.  She is a new customer and this will be my first, hopefully not my last, job for her.

 Now I must finish my coffee, get dressed, and drag myself off, very reluctantly, to my day job.  Have a great day!