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Quilting Feathers, Feathers, & More Feathers

First, I cannot let Memorial Day go by without stating my thanks and appreciation for all the brave men and women that have served, or do serve in the armed forces, to afford the rest of us the wonderful freedom that we enjoy.  So many sacrifices they have made, many the ultimate sacrifice.  And thank you to their families.  Though saying thank you  doesn’t seem enough.

With the crosshatching behind me, I got to start quilting feathers today.  I love feathers.  Love quilting them, love the way they look.  I did not want to crosshatch the striped border, even though that would have matched the stripes in the interior.  Instead, I chose this pretty stencil by Barbara Chainey.  I’m liking it.

First, is the chalking.


Then the stitching begins.




Three hours later, one border done.  (it didn’t feel like it took that long)




Much more fun that crosshatching.  So, I guess I have about 9 hours left to finish the other three of these borders.  This one is going to be on the machine for awhile yet.  I have a plan for that little inner border that matches the setting triangles.  I have a plan for the setting triangles.  I have not yet decided on the very outside border…maybe swags.  Maybe not.  Maybe more feathers.

I took time out this morning to relocate this litte guy from the back patio, to the front flower bed, so he would be safe from Tuffy and Libby. I took the top off of Tuffy’s feeder to catch him with.  The lizard was not happy about it…if he only knew, it really was for his own good.  Tuffy would have caught him and eaten him, eventually.  Libby would have just killed him.  I like lizards.

000_8951 (Medium)

Now he lives here.  Plenty of cover and should find lots of bugs to eat.


17 thoughts on “Quilting Feathers, Feathers, & More Feathers

  1. Pretty, pretty feathers Randi!

    Does that lizard have a swallow tail?? never seen one like that. We have tons of lizards here and Harry loves to hunt them, sometimes we can rescue them…but sometimes he gobbles them up.


  2. My word, your word is absolutely stunning! I am working on my own MQ on DSM and I see I will NEVER come close to yours or Diane Gaudynski! Keep showing those photos – they are beautiful!


  3. I’ve never seen a lizard with two tails! Do you know what kind it is? Very pretty little guy/girl.

    And that feather stencil is also very pretty, but your freehand feathers are just as nice. I’m loving this quilt, can’t wait to see it all done.


  4. GORGEOUS, Randi! Your back tracking is perfect! What thread are you using? (I’m getting my courage up to try something other than Signature). Anyway, love what you’ve done so far. Can’t wait to see the rest of it!


  5. Oh that lizard is fun!! I had to go back and look to see the second tail. I need one of those to eat more bugs!!

    Quilt is looking good!!! Isn’t it fun to just let go and do whatever because you can!!! 🙂 Enjoy every moment!!


  6. Randi, beautiful!!

    The lizard is pretty colored and I missed the double tail until I read the comment (not very observant of me). Neat that you saved him.


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