What to do, what to do…

when there are so many thing on the list that need done?! A quick run down of things that all need some attention this weekend.

First, today is “dirt day”.  Hubby is taking me to buy bags of dirt for my pots, and some plants if I want…maybe I will just plant herbs in them this year.  So there is that project.  I need to finish the customer quilt on the machine.  That will definitely get some time and attention.  My son is going to the junior/senior prom tonight.  I will be taking pictures of him.  I drained the hot tub last weekend, and need to work on the cleaning & refilling of that.  My little dog, Lulu, need a bath and some trimming.  The cat needs some grooming.  The house & laundry ALWAYS need some attention.  Hmmm…wonder how much of that I will get accomplished?  Wish me luck and lots of energy! Have a great Saturday! I must get dressed and go dirt shopping.  DH is waiting!