The Small Ones Always Take the Longest…

Or so it seems.  I had hoped to be further along on this by now.  Of course, I haven’t worked only on it this weekend.  I’ve done laundry, shop statements, and various other household chores.  This is all batiks, and I’m using Rainbows thread, so I’m going slowly and carefully.  Of course, outlining those butterflies took a fair amount of time, and I’m tying off and burying all my thread tails.  I did SID in the black border, and am doing a leafy vine in the outer border. 



I would have gotten further, but I had to stop and tweak tension.  I ended up changing bobbin cases, and it got a lot better.  I think something was screwy with the other one.  Then, when I thought I was finished this corner, and these two half sides, I inspected the back and found a big thread bobble on the back of one of the leaf veins.  The top thread was all garbled up on the back, for whatever reason…who knows…just one of the many joys of longarming.  So, I had to pick out two leaves and restitch them.  I still need to bury the thread tails, but it looks good as new.  I just hope that it doesn’t keep happening.  Longarms, apparently, are not crazy about batiks, top and bottom, and that’s what I have going on here.  Though do-able, it does make the quilting more challenging. 


And now Zapper has made an appearance.  Once in awhile I get a pic I’m really kind of proud of, and I think this one came out pretty neat.zapper

And a nameless toad has appeared.  I will have to come up with something for it, as he may turn into one of the regulars…lol.  I’m still waiting to see Green Bean.