Wild Grapes??

I noticed this rather pretty looking vine growing in my backyard last year.  Curious, I left it and let it grow.  This year, it has little berries on it.  Anyone know what it is? Wild grapes, maybe? Something a bird pooped out, I’m sure! I’m assuming if a bird ate it, and pooped a seed, whatever it is will be edible…right?  I mean, birds know what’s good for them, don’t they?



I finished quilting the borders on the customer wallhanging, that I posted earlier this week.  I hope to finish the center this weekend.  I’ve been pondering my design…and I think I’ve got a solid plan in my head now.

I love it when I get more than one meal from a recipe.  We had plenty leftover from the pork tenderloin recipe I posted yesterday, to have dinner from it tonight, too.  However, tonight, I decided to shred the remaining meat up, along with the little bits of veggies and pineapple left in it, put it in a skillet with some barbecue sauce, and made yummy barbecue sandwiches with it.  AND, there’s enough left for some lunch tomorrow or Saturday.  Two thumbs up!!

Tomorrow is Friday!! Woohoo! I’m always ready for the weekend!