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Wednesday WIP, 5-27-09

More 9P & stripe…26.5 hours into it…y’all are going to get tired of seeing this one.






I’m not sure I am making all the right design choices…but, this is a learning project for me.  A project to expand my skills and challenge myself, so I’m ok with that.  For example, I’m not sure the large size setting triangle feather is working that well, but even so, I’ll probably just go forward with it.  I’m having fun!

That scroll-y design is a Karen McTavish stencil.  The setting blocks are stencils, as well, but I forgot to see who from.  I’ll get that later, for anyone interested.  I’m at work now, but remembered that I forgot to mention that.

14 thoughts on “Wednesday WIP, 5-27-09

  1. I really, really like it! I like that scrolly border you put on the tan before the feathers – and your feathers are gorgeous also.


  2. More gorgeous – I can see a quilter on a DSM will NEVER be able to achieve this look, without some method of stretching it all taut. 8-((

    Your photos are so inspirational – I keep some of your posts as “NEW” so I can come back the drool over them. Lovely work, girl. 😎


  3. Gorgeous quilting, Randi! I wish I would get something more exciting than t-shirts from clients — that’s about all I’ve seen lately. Guess I’ll have to make time to quilt one of my own!


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